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It seems as though Women’s Rights have become the latest hotbed issue.  Every time you turn on the TV, women’s groups are popping up everywhere hell bent on getting what they feel is their due.  From clergy to politicians, everyone seems to have an opinion on the role of women in modern day society.

Black Women, White women, Asian women, Hispanic women, Indian women, et al., have come together to demand rights from their oppressors…men.   And why not?  Especially when every committee and senate meeting that focuses on women are comprised of nothing but men.  But, for all the sign making, speech writing and girl talk, there seems to be very little focus on reality!  Thankfully, that’s where I come in.  I promise to be brief but frank.

All disenfranchised groups in America are essentially battling one group of people to obtain their rights—wealthy, white men.  To be completely frank, the white man is the target of all protest in America, because that one group, whether in politics or the business world, makes all the rules/decisions and run the country.  But, while we’re speaking the truth, let’s also admit that African Americans have an even more complex battle with white America than other groups, owing to their arrival not being of their own volition.  No other group in the history of the country was forced to forget their names, gods and identity, or later forced to cohabit with the same people who made that so.  So, it would stand to reason that, although Black females are confronted with the same issues as White women, Asian women, Hispanic women, Indian women et al, the discrimination they face has another dimension to it.

This is because Black Women, even today, experience the type of racism that is a result of and caused by white America denying the basic reality of her humanity (right along with her black male counterpart).  Far from being denied certain rights simply because of her womanhood, the Black Woman is denied certain rights because many feel she isn’t enough of a person to deserve them.  Thus, I have to believe that the issues of racism and being treated as a human being must surely far outweigh her need to be equal to her black man since both of them aren’t even considered fully human yet, even in 2017.  Look no further than the constant barrage of monkey comparisons and Harambe based comments about darker skinned women to see examples of this.  Nevertheless, she is being dragged into a campaign of fighting for Women’s rights, a fight that really does not benefit or involve her at all!

In fact, let’s be honest.  White Women have been the biggest beneficiary of so-called equal rights fight for women.  It is HER counterpart, the white man, who is refusing to include her in the spoils that racism has afforded him, but he still considers HER to be higher than any other woman.  After all, she supported his destruction of an entire race of people; she stood with him at lynchings; she kept the sheets of his robes washed and the eye holes on his torture outfit aligned; etc.

She’s been a faithful partner to her white man.  But, where did it get her?

She, the White female, has a valid point.  Her contribution to racism is totally being ignored by him.  This is unfair to her!  She was tricked, bamboozled . . . had!   She made major contributions to the implementation of racism and, as such, she expected more of a piece of the American Pie.  She didn’t get it.  She has to fight for her cut.  But the rest of us don’t necessarily have to join in that fight.  Let us not forget that, while women make less than men for the same jobs of equal quality, the White woman is still making more than any other race of women and, in many cases, the men of color as well.

But, what does the Black female stand to gain by the acquisition of Women’s rights? After all, she isn’t even viewed as a human being, much less a “REAL” woman.

So, how about channeling this wasted energy into securing human rights for black people as a whole before fragmenting and diluting the issues with issues that aren’t yet of any consequence? If after being fully acknowledged as human beings Black Women are being male dominated, I’ll join the fight.  Til then, there are bigger fish to fry.

Can anybody hear me?


Almost every time I turn on the news, there seems to be a lot of attention being placed on abortions. I mean, don’t get me wrong, abortion has always been a hot topic for a lot of people. Lately, however, even more emphasis is being placed on the “life” of unborn babies.

Folks seem to be picketing and marching more and more as well as petitioning Congress to establish rights for the unborn child at a rate that is truly staggering. They rally around the ideas that “life begins at conception” and “all life is precious.” On some level, I respect that. But…I have a slight issue with them as well.

You see, while all of the hoopla is unfolding, I can’t help wondering about the lives of “born” babies. You know, the ones born every day without further ado?

It seems that once the child is actually born, the picketers and marchers lose interest in them! Once out of the womb, these same babies can starve, receive minimal to no education, be jailed, murdered, abandoned and forgotten and no one will bat an eye.

In fact, it seems as though anyone that makes a fuss over those poor, unfortunate, post birth fetuses, they are labeled as apologists, troublemakers or bleeding hearts. And heaven help them if they begin marching or protesting again. Then, they become rioters, looters and “those crazy people you see on TV.” Why is that? Why is it so noble to protest for someone to be here but ignoble to protest for them to be respected once they are? And why does that make sense to so many people?

Why are people accepting of bringing children into a world that will only treat them as second-class citizens once they arrive? Why are so many people ok with the existence of a society that forces these former babies into low level, dangerous or violent work if they want to make a living?

Oops. I think I just stumbled on something there.

For all the arguments about Pro-life, Pro-choice, Pro-golfer, maybe the truth is that life isn’t precious so much as it is valuable. There’s money in it. Where else but the underclass can you hope to find suitable servants willing to work for peanuts? Where else will you find workers to complete the myriad of menial tasks that keep people from having to fend for themselves (e.g. cleanup and outdoor work)? Where else would you find soldiers willing to throw themselves in danger for the promise of a loan and a scholarship while failing to notice the constant stream of complaints from former soldiers towards the VA, and all the people asking for donations to help the wounded veterans that the government forgot?

Yes. With all the minimum wage positions that need to be filled, I can see why life is precious. But, make no mistake, some lives are more precious than others. Why is that? Can anybody hear me?

*This is a collaborative piece.

Since the Chris Brown/Rihanna fiasco, domestic violence has become the latest hotbed issue. However, before we even had a chance to fully adjust to Chris Brown being the “poster boy” for an issue that we all know is as old as time, enter Ray Rice. Now, the NFL has stepped in to demonstrate—in no uncertain terms—that it has a zero tolerance for domestic violence. So, even though the NFL is beleaguered with illegal drug use; alcohol usage and alcohol-related automobile accidents (some of which have resulted in fatalities); not to mention blatant acts of racism, domestic violence is the only social malady that they are apparently willing to address with fervor. Apparently, it is the only malaise that results in an indefinite loss of lifestyle…at least if you are a member of the NFL. Other sports such as Hockey, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, etc., must not be troubled with such. Right??

For what it’s worth, I believe the media, the NFL and society in general have got it wrong. And in their error, they are sending the wrong message both to women and to men as well. As it stands, women (starting from little girls) are being convinced that they are the only possible victims of domestic violence. They are being told that they are not culpable, even if they strike the man/boy first. This is not only ludicrous, but dangerous. This creates a situation where women get all the benefits of equality such as equal pay, equal position, etc., with none of the accountability that men are faced with.

Let’s compare the situation involving Solange and Jay-Z with Ray Rice and Janay Palmer. According to TMZ, Jay-Z was assaulted by Solange in an elevator. The same source cited Janay as being assaulted in an elevator by Ray Rice. In Jay-Z’s case, we have no footage of him hitting Solange or even defending himself from her assault. However, in Ray Rice’s case, we see an altercation taking place. We witness a mutual exchange of words and blows between a man and a woman and not the plight of a battered woman fearful for her safety. We saw an angry woman approaching Ray Rice prepared for battle. What happened after that is debatable. Nevertheless, both situations were caught on tape. Yet, there was no outcry from TMZ (or anyone else) for Solange to be punished in any way for her actions. Jay-Z was barely even applauded for being a gentleman.

What do you believe would have happened if Jay-Z had defended himself, which, let’s not forget, he had a right to do? He would have been the bad guy! Why? If we are intent on punishing the aggressor, shouldn’t Solange or any woman be the “bad guy” if they decide to physically assert their position? Why are men held to a higher level of self-control then women? If men and women are truly equal, then women, just like men, need to be taught to keep their hands to themselves. Abuse is abuse. It doesn’t matter whether the perpetrator is male or female. Women should not be given a free pass to hit men just because they are angry. Apparently, this is where women draw a line in the sand regarding the need for equality. Instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, they want the right to hit men and have men’s lives destroyed if they return fire.

It has gotten so out of control that I heard Keyshawn Johnson, an NFL Analyst and former NFL player, state that even if the woman has a weapon, the man should just “take the weapon from her and not hit a woman under any circumstances.” Though some might find this quite chivalrous, I find it presumptuous, foolish and, quite frankly, chauvinistic. You may ask why I would say such a thing. In truth, some females are more equal to men than men would like to acknowledge. I don’t know about you but, I’ve seen some rough-looking female cops, wrestlers, bus drivers and construction workers, just to name a few. I don’t advocate trying to take a weapon from them. You may just wanna run for your life.

Bottom line: Everyone keeps their hands to themselves and no one, male or female, gets hurt. Now, verbal abuse? That’s another blog for another time. Can anybody hear me?


I cannot imagine how frightening it must be to be on foreign soil, with so-called fellow American soldiers, and be dependent upon them to have your back when, in reality, they don’t have your back when you are on American soil with them. I mean, how many of brothers in arms would be willing to stand up for you whatever your situation is? Are you discriminated against based on your race? How about for your sexual orientation? Gender? Upbringing or class? Level of education?   Yet, somehow, you are supposed to be convinced that these same individuals who persecute you in your land will stand up with you/for you in battle?

What must it be like to be prepared to fight and possibly die for a country that won’t allow you the dignity of life? You fight to spread freedom to the world, and yet struggle to obtain equality, an education, a job or even just the right to exist as you are in a way that would afford you a real chance at a happy life in America. Nevertheless, you joined the military either because there was little else for you to do with your life or because you truly believe in fighting for an ideal. You had a choice between the military or the drudge that your life had become! Then, for your participation in this low paying club of trained killers (who, at times, have complaints of not having proper gear to do battle with or to protect themselves), you are tasked to kill so-called enemies who, truth be told, have never treated you in the manner that you have been treated in by some of your fellow Americans.

The lucky ones who return from battle can return home to find that home no longer exists. How must it feel to return to a country that you defended with your body and your mind only to find out that you are homeless, desolate and forgotten? After all you have given to your country, your needs—medical or otherwise—are on the backburner. How could they do this to you? It’s simple when you think about it: they never intended you to return home…at least, not alive.

Here’s my bottom line, whether I or anyone else agree or disagree with your life path, your home should be maintained by Uncle Sam. You should have access to proper medication and counseling. You should be taken care of by the country that YOU have taken care of. Your uncle should not write you off because he thought and maybe even hoped you would die and he would never have to provide a home, quality health insurance, housing, educational opportunities, etc., for you.

Can anybody hear me?