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Ok.  Maybe you can help me out.  Maybe you can give me some insight into an issue that has been bugging me for quite some time.

Here goes:  If you’ve committed a crime against someone, shouldn’t you feel guilty about it…or at least a little bad about it?  I mean, wouldn’t that be the normal—non-sociopathic—response?

If you had even a modicum of conscience, wouldn’t you want to correct the error?  Wouldn’t you take steps to remedy the situation…if for no other reason than to assuage your own guilt?  In fact, isn’t it incumbent upon you to do so?

And shouldn’t this be the normal progression of emotion and action…without someone having to coerce you into apologizing and/or taking restorative steps?  Shouldn’t you pursue this course of action without the expectation of being applauded or rewarded by all and sundry…as though cleaning up after yourself is somehow a major achievement?  I mean, think about it.  If you crash someone’s car, you wouldn’t expect them to fall over themselves praising you for fixing the damage, right?

Yet today, these ideals almost seem foreign!  I daresay that the opposite is true.

Somehow, the culprit has become more of a victim than the actual victim!  As such, the actual victim has become more burdened to forgive a wrong done to them than the culprit is to not do the wrong in the first place!

More and more, I see instances where the victim is expected to take the lead and even absorb the total impact of the wrong committed against them without complaint.

Even worse, depending on the wronged party, it is almost demanded that the victim publicly commits to absolving said culprit of his or her actions against them…no matter how egregious or devastating the crime was.

When did that happen?

How did that happen?

Most importantly, why did that happen?

Why did the world become so degenerate that people demanding justice for wrongs committed against them became a sign of malice and hatred?

When did it become an acceptable notion that the victim of a crime had more responsibility to their culprit than vice versa?  Why should the victim be more instrumental in correcting and forgiving their culprit than the culprit has for making things right?

And don’t get me started on when the victim is black and the culprit white.  Before the bodies are even buried, microphones are jammed into the grieving families’ faces and reporters bombard them with questions over whether they forgive the perpetrator or not.  In many cases, the offended party is subject to ridicule if they don’t publicly and expeditiously forgive a white culprit.   Then, the actual culprit somehow gains the right to complain about not being forgiven fast enough.  From there, the culprit goes on to garner sympathy for their suffering at not having been forgiven!  Outrageous!

Now, I’m certainly not saying that white victims of crimes don’t forgive other races of people for committing crimes against them.  That would be unrealistic.  Rather, what I am saying is that when whites are the culprit, they demand forgiveness almost as an entitlement.

I know, I know…this is where people quote (or rather misquote) the Bible, citing forgiveness as mandatory!

OK, I’ll spot you that one.  Forgiveness is indeed mandatory.  Nevertheless, as much as forgiveness is mandatory, so is refraining from doing harm/sinning against others in the first place!

Go and sin no more and pay back what you owe are the parts of the Bible nobody wants to talk about!

Then again, no one wants to deal with that part of the Bible that says we should forgive our brothers/sisters unless there is cause either.

If they did, they’d have to ask a host of uncomfortable questions, such as who is my brother/my sister, and what constitutes cause.

Consider this:  Would a brother or sister intentionally harm you?  If they did harm you, wouldn’t they take steps to repair the damage?  Wouldn’t they understand the pain, suffering and inconvenience they caused you?  Would they try to get out of making reparations or assisting in your healing process?  Wouldn’t they be sensitive to your need to heal and give you enough time to do so?  Wouldn’t they be worried over what our parent(s) would say or do to punish them for their actions?

In the absence of these things, isn’t it fair and reasonable to conclude that the culprit is not your brother or sister?

And what about cause?  Would harming you and making no moves to heal you be considered cause?  If so, would that mean you have cause to be angry at them, or not regard them as family anymore?  Would that give you cause to not allow them into your inner circle or any additional access to you…if for no other reason than for your own protection from future assaults?   Wouldn’t that give you the right to appeal to your parents (God) for justice?  Isn’t that a reasonable outcome…at least until reparations are made?

Can anybody hear me?

No matter what the offense, I think we can all agree that lawsuits—that is, the suing of people for wrongdoings—are as American as Apple pie.  We can further agree that said lawsuits, frivolous or otherwise, happen every day in courthouses all across the nation…if not the world.  Anybody and everybody can exercise (if not overly exercise) this particular right.

From landlord/tenant issues to personal injury to malpractice, dockets everywhere are inundated with cases.  And in all of them, the main pursuit is to be made whole; to be repaired.  So, suing someone, sometime, somewhere can be said to be the American way.

I’m all for that.  But what bothers me is that everyone seems to understand the pursuit of reparations except when it applies to descendants of slaves aka African Americans.

For some reason, when reparations are sought for past and present wrongdoings enacted over the course of some 400 years against black people, reparations are somehow unreasonable, unrealistic and, even worse, undue.

Why is that?

Why is it that everyone else in America is allowed and even expected to sue for wrongdoings against them, even for minor infractions, except for African Americans?

Why is only that select group told to move on?  Get over it?  Stop whining?  Pull yourself up by your bootstraps?

Can you imagine if people like Jaycee Dugard or Elizabeth Smart were given that same advice after enduring what they went through?  Can you imagine their children being tasked with simply ignoring the trauma their parents suffered and the negative effects it had on their own lives?

To add insult to injury, can you imagine that their kidnappers—their rapists and torturers—not only giving that advice but also demanding that it be adhered to at the risk losing employment, loans, educational opportunities, housing, food, etc?

Yet somehow, African Americans—who, let’s face it, are still being abused in the land of their original captivity by the descendants of their original slavemasters—are being told to do just that and worse!

African Americans are told to get over not just past mistreatment, but current mistreatment as well, without ever receiving the benefit of any counseling, real assistance, understanding or reparations.  In fact, their mere request for reparations are being met with resistance, mocking, scorn and fierce anger.  Instead, they should simply ignore their uneven treatment under the law.  They should ignore the wage disparity.  They should ignore brutality innocent and unarmed men and women face at the hands of law enforcement.  They should ignore the mistreatment of their children under educators who view them as small thugs instead of troubled students.  Why?

Meanwhile people like Jaycee Dugard and Elizabeth Smart are met with sympathy, counseling, understanding and assistance to help them to reenter society after their respective ordeals.  I think all can agree that these things are only reasonable for someone who has suffered a traumatic event.  So, why are African Americans expected to just move on without any of these things?

African Americans can’t even discuss their unfair treatment without being told to stop living in the past while other disgruntled victims, such as victims of the Holocaust and their descendants, are not told to do the same.  In fact, each year, like clockwork, the Holocaust is revisited in living color in classrooms and the box office!  And this is, of course, AFTER, they and other groups of mistreated peoples have received reparations.  How does that happen?

Last time I checked, Israel was fully funded and given to Jewish people as reparation for their past suffering…which, according to many sources, only lasted some five to ten years.

I could go on but, I think you get the point!

If we are honest (or as honest as we proclaim to be) we can agree that reparations are indicated and long overdue for the only group of people yet to receive them, African Americans!

Can anybody hear me?

On the surface, Making America Great Again is a great idea.  To many, MAGA is a noble undertaking.  I mean, who wouldn’t want the country to be great, right?  However, the problem in trying to achieve such a thing is that it is highly dependent upon the viewpoint of the people seeking to undertake this feat, to say nothing of how far back in history they’re trying to go.  To put it another way, the meaning of what made America great changes based on the race of the people doing the talking.

For some, that trip down memory lane is quite pleasant.  It sees them in power, conquering other societies and subjugating the peoples therein.  What’s not to love?

On the other hand, for others, that same trip has them being over powered, conquered by other societies, subjugated and enslaved.  What’s not to hate?

Now, for those having trouble imagining themselves receiving the short end of the stick, just close your eyes and try to imagine living through the worst time in your life.  Imagine it being so terrible that it left a scar that you unwillingly pass down to your children.  Now, imagine that event being public.  Imagine the government, different nations and society at large not only knowing about it, but supporting it.  Now imagine that, even after it supposedly stops, none of the above mentioned groups being willing to provide anything beyond token assistance.  Imagine them blaming you for it and demanding that you forget about it and move on.

Imagine receiving no therapy, no real assistance and only the barest hint of sympathy.  For the most part, you had to suffer in silence and heal your own wounds as best you could in order not to offend the culprit.  Over time, you manage to put some of the pain behind you because you have no choice.  No matter what, you have to work, to eat, to live.  You do your best to try to live a normal life.

Now imagine that, after doing all these things in your attempt at normalcy, somebody comes along and says, “Let’s return to the worst time in your life.”  On a whim, they say “Let’s return to the time when you were mistreated and victimized without justice…that’s when the country was truly great for all.”

Would you do it?  Would you even consider doing it?  Would it be right for the culprit, who received no repercussion for your initial mistreatment, to decide that you should relive the crimes that you endured because that was when they were happiest?  Would you not wonder and marvel at their hostility towards you for not wanting to revisit their terrorism of you?

How would you feel?  Would it threaten the progress you’ve tried desperately to achieve?  What would the thought of returning to a very painful time even do to your psyche?

Now ask yourself, could that be the motive for the threat of return to your ugly past?  Is your assailant trying to finish you off?  Maybe totally destroy you?  Can anybody hear you?  Now imagine that an entire group of people don’t have to imagine that scenario…because that’s their reality.

Can anybody hear me?

OK, I just turned on my television and after flipping just a few channels, I stumble onto yet another Trump-filled circus act.

With arms flailing and discombobulated speech, he performs as if in a stage play…not a very good play mind you, but a stage play nonetheless.

I watch him deliberately distort information and play mostly to ignorant, poor whites who he has somehow managed to convince that they mean something to him!

It truly is something to see!

I mean, you would think that it would be a little more difficult to convince poor white people that a wealthy man (black or white) who has never been poor a day in his life is somehow one of them, but Trump has managed to get this done this without incident.

So how is he able do it so effortlessly?  How is he able to do this at all?

Let’s see the overall process.  When you break it down, it really isn’t all that different from what’s been done historically.

For this to work, all the wealthy white person in question, in this case Trump, has to do is convince poor whites that blacks are their true enemy.  They accomplish this by telling poor white that blacks, who are every bit as poor as them, are the ones taking everything from them, not wealthy whites.  They keep the focus on the hundred or so blacks who are doing well and off of the millions that are not.  Then, they highlight any who are poor but not walking around in burlap sacks with no teeth and convince everyone that this person having basic hygiene is somehow evidence of them gaming the system and taking money away from those “who really need it.”  This method insures that poor whites will constantly fight with blacks instead of demanding their share of the American pie.  In fact, with this method, most poor white people won’t even notice that they are barely getting pie crust.

It’s an effective, if completely shameless and inhuman strategy.  But why do it?

Simply stated, he has to!  Like every President before him, Trump has to convince us (poor whites and poor blacks) that America is about Democrats vs. Republicans, rather than about Haves vs. Have Nots.  This very delicate, but necessary balance is critical to the haves in both parties maintaining their status and control and is achieved in two steps.

When applied properly, success is guaranteed whether Democratic or Republican.

In step 1, poor whites are made to feel superior to blacks.

In step 2, a well-placed agitating media story will insure a battle between the two, any time.

These steps are mandatory for keeping poor whites from figuring out that Democrats/Republicans don’t care about them any more than they care about blacks.

Now, this information comes as no surprise to most black people who already know that they are disrespected and mistreated. However, poor white people actually believe that they are part of the Democratic and Republican system in American.  So, they have to be constantly manipulated/stimulated to keep them under the spell.

The hardest part of the entire exercise is keeping poor white America from figuring out that they have zero stake in wealthy white American life.  In fact, they must never discover that Democrats and Republicans are actually on the same team!  Further, they must never ascertain that Democrats and Republicans only feign heated arguments to entertain us.

Think about it!

What would happen to wealthy 1% of whites if poor whites and blacks ever come together and converge on them?

They are severely outnumbered… so much so that keeping this system running as-is regardless of which one takes Office is job one.  This is the true oath of Office.

They alternate every so often to make the masses believe that some form of progress is being made even though the evidence of that progress remains elusive to those who need it the most! And despite it being so obvious, it still works because “if you can convince the lowest white man that he is above the highest black man, he’ll never notice you’re picking his pocket.”

Can anybody hear me?

Has anyone else noticed that the negative behaviors of a few black people determine how the entire race of black people is globally perceived yet the same is not true for other races of people?

In other words, why aren’t all other races judged according to the lowest members of their race?  Why is that reserved for black people…and why does it happen at all?

Why aren’t white people in America defined by Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Timothy McVeigh and a host of others too numerous to write about?

Why do they get to brush their bad individuals (both past and present) aside and keep positive members of the white race at the forefront while blacks are forced to carry current and historical bad members of the black race on their backs…even if their alleged crimes/actions pale by comparison to those actually committed by whites?

Why are blacks tasked to “live down” the embarrassment and shame associated with being members of the same race of any notorious black person whether directly related or not while whites are allowed to disassociate and, even worse, harshly judge other races of people as if they are somehow above reproach?

Why do black people have to constantly prove that they, individually, are one of the “good ones” and qualified, talented, moral and trustworthy enough, while other races, white people in particular, are just assumed to be so?

On the flipside, how come white people don’t feel confined/stigmatized/represented by the same or worse behaviors of members of their own race?

Where is the overall embarrassment by white people for people like BTK, Jeffrey Dahmer, the KKK etc., being members of the white race?

Meanwhile, Blacks are made to feel bad about organizing/listening to groups/individuals like the Black Panthers, Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton…even though they have never killed anyone?

Why, if this is a truly a nation of opportunity and innovation, do negative black people such as the DC Sniper got plenty of media time while black inventors, educators, etc., remain (if you’ll pardon the pun) hidden figures?

Why is this?

To keep this line of questioning going, why is it that if blacks like OJ Simpson are found not guilty in the penal justice system, they are still supposed to behave as if they are guilty so as not to offend white people because…or else find themselves subject to judicial manipulation/rule changes that impact their freedom regardless of the verdict?

Why are so many white people, like the Affluenza teen, who are actually found guilty of actual crimes allowed to be arrogant in their criminality?

Why are white people like Dylan Roof and others like him allowed to hide behind mental illness as an excuse for their actual guilt/racist/white supremacist behavior while blacks who commit lesser crimes are labeled as demonic and extended no sympathy?

Why is that?

While we’re at it, why are blacks supposed to be harder on each other than whites are on their own?

For example, why are blacks supposed to abandon Cosby who is 82 years old and in prison, yet, whites aren’t expected to do the same with Weinstein?  Hefner?  Clinton?  Trump?

Are these white men a credit to their race any more than Cosby is to the black race?

Why is there a surge in incidents of white people calling the police on black people for performing everyday tasks like walking around, buying coffee, etc. and no surge of outrage from supposedly God-fearing, morally upstanding whites?

Why is there no outrage from those who claim to be pro-life and love people following the random shooting of unarmed blacks ranging from 12 years of age to senior status by law enforcement?

Where’s the white outrage?

Remember Sandra Bland?

Where’s the white feminist outrage?

Yet, white America would have us to believe that this is post racial America and that blacks can actually be racist?

Why would we ever believe that foolishness?

Can anybody hear me?

Ok, let’s try this again.

Say it with me:  Black people cannot be racist.

That’s because racism is an all encompassing, global, socio-political system put in place with the intent to elevate the white races of people on the planet while simultaneously destroying the dark races of people on the planet.

You would think this would be a simple thing to grasp but, for some reason, it isn’t.  So, I’ve put together a cheat sheet to help clarify this subject.  I call it racism (white supremacy) for dummies)!

In a nutshell, black people can be racially biased.  This is akin to choosing a blue shirt over a red shirt to wear on any given day.  Even though the blue shirt was preferred, it is important to note that the red shirt was not harmed in any way, shape or form by this preference.

Conversely, with racism (white supremacy), the blue shirt is also preferred, however the red shirt is presented as inferior to the blue shirt by virtue of being red.  The red shirt is unfairly targeted, criticized and damaged using media, radio, books, etc.  The red shirt is not valued or maintained and does receive the care or opportunities allotted to the blue shirt.  In fact, the red shirt is slashed, torn, used as a dust rag, a dish cloth etc., while the blue shirt is treasured, treated kindly, represented in every arena as superior in quality. The result is the deliberate and calculated destruction of the red shirt.

Racism is not simply a negative comment from Rosanne, Meghan Kelly, the manager at Starbucks, etc.  These singular acts of racial superiority, while ugly, are being exploited in order to present racism as an individual or isolated act that can be committed by anyone, even black people.

This is grossly inaccurate and intended to deceive not only white people but blacks as well.

Again, racism requires the financial ability to institute and maintain socio-political systems in place that not only elevate your race but also strategically destroy another race of people in the process.

So you see, there is no real threat of black people being racist (in the reverse or otherwise).  That’s because racism (white supremacy) is a system (not an individual) that affects politics (voting), labor, employment/educational opportunities, fair housing/loans/credit (mortgage/car purchases), religious affiliations, everyday lifestyle (clothing/hairstyle and care choices) and entertainment.

Racism renders all other systems as moot because the laws/statues/rules of society, being created by racists, will inevitably caters to racists, such that even black elected/selected officials have no choice but to carry them out even to the continued peril of their own people.

And, history is filled with the tragic stories of those who have run afoul this well established system.

Can anybody hear me?

If you’re like me, you hate to see anyone being mistreated.  If you’re REALLY like me, you hate to see almost ANY living creature (with a special minus on a select few) being mistreated as well.

As such, I am as upset over the recent immigration scandal as anyone else.  However, what really makes me upset is when people become selectively distraught by the sufferings of some while willfully ignoring the sufferings of others.

What do I mean?

It is of a truth that Jewish communities are allowed and even encouraged to remember the misdeeds of one Adolf Hitler.  According to history, he targeted them for destruction over a period of approximately 5 years.  We can safely assume that he is hated by all Jewish persons and, furthermore, that others are taught to revile him as well.

To that end, the Holocaust is taught in detail at every learning institution; at least one film is produced every year recounting their mistreatment; and (and this is the best part) even though they have recovered (quite handsomely, I might add) in the form of a homeland (Israel) and the amassing of extreme wealth, and social and political influence, Hitler remains atop history’s most hated villains list.

Conversely, African Americans, who were kidnapped from their homeland, enslaved in a foreign land, raped, murdered, pillaged, bred like animals and violated in every aspect of their lives, are directed to do the opposite of what Jewish persons are allowed (and even instructed) to do.  Instead of being encouraged to remember (even though it’s impossible to forget an ongoing saga) their historical mistreatment at the hands of an entire race of people (not just one man), African Americans are instructed not to relive their obvious and no less disturbing suffering.  And they are admonished for doing otherwise.

In fact, African Americans, unlike any other group, have to feign adjustment and affection for a hostile political and social system or risk being accused of being hate-filled, unable to move on from the past, and/or of using their history as slaves as an excuse for any lack of success; all of this despite the fact that they continue to reside in the land of their former slavemasters and must continually battle for basic human rights (or even to be left alone to live and work in peace) even in 2018.

If African Americans even discuss (much less make a movie about) the Transatlantic Slave Trade or any of the vestiges of racism, they are shunned.  They are attacked by all sides, even some of their own who think only of their own finances and not the fate of their people.  And on that note, to date, this is the only group that has received no monetary reparations for either their suffering or, in many cases, their contributions to the American economy, history or society.  Never mind that other races of people have received monetary reparations and apologies for race-related misdeeds, if they argue for it, they are just lazy and want something for nothing.

Today, in the face of continued racism, African Americans are supposed to and expected to abandon their own fight for justice to champion the battle that Mexicans and other people of color are experiencing against the same regime that destroyed and oppressed them…in spite of the fact that many of these other people have been, for the most part, silent for the plight of black people.

African Americans are expected to do this even though these same groups of people did nothing to assist them at the height of their mistreatment and, even worse, spoke out against their attempts to redress the balance and pursue justice.

It must be asked: where was the outrage for black people being murdered in the streets, and thus separated from their families by a bit more than a cell wall?  Where was the understanding that the system was flawed and actively working against a group of people to protect the interests of white supremacy?  And where were the unity, calls to action and cries for accountability just a few months ago, when white America was openly complaining that their rights were infringed upon because black people finally understood that their lives mattered?

Do the people who have been calling for assistance and compassion this entire time look like the bad guys in this scenario?  Does it make other peoples of color who are experiencing race related mistreatment the bad guys?  God forbid.  Instead, it should shine an ugly, historical light on the peoples—the same peoples—who are once again destroying the lives of yet another group of people (and people of color I might add).

Can anybody hear me?

As depressing as it is to say, racism/white supremacy is just as rampant today as it has ever been at any time in history.  Granted, it’s not as overt or as outright and widespread as enslavement, but it’s present nonetheless.  More than that, it’s no longer hiding under the veil of civility.

This may not seem like a profound revelation to some but for those who have had to endure this malady from the cradle, while often pretending that they don’t, it’s groundbreaking.

It’s groundbreaking not because it’s so shocking or somehow strange to modern day sensibilities.  Rather, it’s groundbreaking because of the clarity it brings to the everyday existence of the affected parties.

For those above mentioned individuals, the reality that a large portion of white America, as well as a decent sized swath of the rest of the population, considers them to be lesser people answers a lot of the nagging questions they have had about the status of their lives, education, and employment.

For those individuals, it answers the “whys.”  Why are other races of people allowed to prosper?  Why are blacks treated differently from other races?  Why do the cries of black people fall upon deaf ears? Why are black people profiled as criminals regardless of their contributions to society?

Regardless of what is going on in the world or what other races of people are actually committing crimes, somehow, blacks are projected as the race of people that should be feared.

Even though the recent school shooters, church shooters, concert shooters, cinema shooters and mail bombers have all been white males, black males are still seen as the most dangerous threat imaginable.  Somehow, the white males are often presented as loners (not terrorists) and arrested without incident.

Meanwhile, a young father in his grandmother’s backyard with a cell phone was fatally wounded by law enforcement…because the officers suddenly feared for their lives!

The reality of seeing so many people armed to the teeth for fear of black and brown people answers the question of why the police don’t fear for their safety when dealing with white armed males but are afraid of unarmed black males to the point that they are murdered.

It also answers why so many other races of people who see proof of the injustices manage to somehow justify them.

Still, the question must be asked, what’s going on here?

Do white people believe black people are imagining these situations?  Do they see the fight for life as whining?  Complaining about nothing?

Can white people actually justify these situations as fair?  Do they even care?

More importantly, how long can any group think they will get away with these atrocities without repercussions?

Can anybody hear me?

Ok, this needs to be said.

Even though racism/white supremacy is as American as football, let’s face it, the NFL is NOT solely responsible for creating it or combating it in America.  It is unfair to place the burden squarely on the players’ shoulders, however well padded they may be.  It is important to remember that Blacks who are employed by the NFL experience a lot of the same racism and suffer under the same white supremacy that exists in all walks of life in America.

Granted, they are wealthier than others.  But, at the end of the day, they face the same simple truth: Still a ni**er.

As such, Blacks in every field of study from Accountant to Zoologist, not just those in the sports and entertainment fields, are tasked to participate in their own methods of protest towards their collective emancipation.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we know that racism/white supremacy is so much bigger than the sports arena.  Black actors/actresses, entertainers, lawyers, scientist, etc., continue to experience unfair treatment in the workplace, ranging from lower annual salaries to scarce  promotions to questions regarding their very competence and the suggestion that their success is due more to some poorly defined Affirmative Action advantage than their own hard work and tears.  Outside of the workplace is more or less the same.  Without the benefit of a team uniform to mark them as somehow acceptable to society at large, black people pay higher mortgage rates, are given more jail time and experience increased incidences of police brutality compared to their white counterparts.

NFL players are not immune to this treatment; neither are they unaware of it or the cause of it.  They are similarly unfairly paid lower wages than their white counterparts.  At the same time, white quarterbacks of poor quality are allowed time to lose and learn the game while black quarterbacks must perform perfectly at all times in order to receive continuous play.  If they lose a game, they are often benched or permanently replaced.  Meanwhile, Matt Cassel and Ryan Fitzpatrick have been given over a dozen chances collectively.  I’m sure Josh McCown is simply having a bad season.  Jay Cutler has been given another chance.  Tony Romo played ten years in Dallas without winning a Superbowl and barely clinching the NFC East Championship.  And for that lackluster performance, he was rewarded with a job as an Analyst almost before he turned in his jersey!  Where are the black former players?  Former greats?  They are not owners, coaches or analysts.  They are forgotten relics of the game.

But wait!  Doesn’t the NFL boast a 70% or more Black player roster?

Yep.  And, as a result, it’s great starting point in today’s work.

But remember, the quarterback position, the coaching staff and the owners continue to be overwhelmingly and unfairly white.

This is not because blacks do not possess the intellect, the skillset or even the funding needed to compete at the quarterback position, to coach professionally or to own/operate an NFL team.  We can name people who fit any of the three.  This is directly due to racism/white supremacy!

And I get that it would be nice to see people with such broad reach and resources to do more.  I get it that Black NFL players don’t know the amount of power they possess over other areas of industry due to their sheer numbers.  However, after years of enduring racism/white supremacy, they share the same fear of being destroyed for speaking up as other blacks.  They fear returning to the ghetto or losing the homes they just purchased for Mom.  But, it’s important to remember they can’t do it alone even though they have power!  Even with it being present, unknown power is equal to nonexistent power.

But, back to the point, they shouldn’t be asked to hurt themselves if blacks aren’t united.  As mad as we are that they aren’t doing more or risking more, why should they?  Why should they risk all?  So that black folks can live next to, go to school with, date or even marry into the race of the people whose system they are protesting against?  Blacks have to be clear of what the true black agenda is and then participate in any way we can. In this way, no one person carries the burden as per King, Malcolm X, etc.  Be real.  It’s not a Kaepernick thing or an NFL thing.  It’s a black thing.  Calling all Black People!

Can anybody hear me?

When asked to define “home,” most people will agree that their home is where they are most comfortable and feel most relaxed.  In fact, they often volunteer unsolicited information about items within their home that maximize their comfort level.

From leather recliners to chaise loungers, everyone has that one piece of furniture that puts them most at ease.   Even with differing taste in furnishings, varying size of the homes etc., the dwellings still promote the same feelings of security and pleasure to the owner ​regardless of social standing.

Interestingly enough, during these discussions, most people never mention putting anything in their home that makes them feel uncomfortable or unappreciated.  In fact, even with limited funding, most people go out of their way to make their homes their sanctuaries.

That same need for security within your home is also needed when you exit said home for work or play and, when properly in place, promotes overall health/wellness.  And most people would acknowledge this.  After all, we have laws and rules on the books to protect people from “hostile working environments.”  However, this basic and often taken for granted level of comfort is routinely denied to black people in the United States everyday, resulting in a very different and difficult life for blacks compared to their white counterparts.

If it isn’t harrowing enough, not knowing if law enforcement will see you as a criminal today as a direct result of your skin color,  hairdo, or outfit, you have to contend with walking passed innumerable statues and shrines that pay homage to the slave masters (both past & present) of your people.

Blacks in the US have no choice but to attend institutions that bear the names of the same individuals who not only enslaved their people but who fought then and whose followers fight now to have them remain slaves in some fashion and listen to the cries and murmurings of those who wish to celebrate that legacy of barbarism under the guise of maintaining the integrity of history and tradition.

What’s even more amazing, if possible, is that this particular level of insensitivity has flown under the radar in a country such as the US, which claims religious, cultural and moral superiority over other countries with differing religions, gods, languages, etc. Yet, somehow, from members of Congress to ordinary individuals on the streets, so many people believe it’s okay for blacks to live with the reminders of these and other atrocities every single day.  Not only that, but if blacks bring these points up in any sort of conversation, those on the other side claim that THEY are the ones being persecuted for being who they are and that it is black people who are oppressing them because of their whiteness.

With all of that being the case, I don’t find it a quantum leap to conclude that black people are being told through situations—such as the excused, if not celebrated, murders of blacks by law enforcement officials, as well as the continued overlooked acts of daily cruelty, as discussed above—that the United States is not their home.  If it were, the individuals who run this country and who are in positions of authority in this country would own up to the truth about its history of flagrant mistreatment of black people.  They would make reparations to them, as other nations guilty of genocide and enslavement in the modern era have to their victims.  They would make every effort to ensure the comfort of ALL the nation’s inhabitants and not just a few.  In other words, they would do everything in their power to make sure blacks Americans would “feel” at home in America.

Not tolerated…and certainly not like they should feel grateful for the consequences of the enslavement that cut them off from their native lands and history.

But at HOME…right HERE.

The cultural differences of blacks would be nurtured and celebrated the same as other cultures of people within the US.  Perhaps there would even be areas of town set aside for the advancement and encouragement of black pride and business, which would be especially important for a group of people who arrived to the US on slave ships as opposed to other groups of people, such as the Chinese and Indians, who arrived in the US of their own volition and with their memories and histories intact.  To be clear, I’m not disparaging them.  I’m trying to make a point.

So, let’s think about it.

What is the underlying message to black people, who continue to be disrespected, murdered in the streets by law enforcement and forced to endure daily cruelty at work, rest or play?

What CAN it be?

America is making it loud and clear that this land is not your home.  If it were, at the very least, the same attention to detail currently in place to make other cultures feel at home when they choose America as their new home would be extended to black people who didn’t choose America in the first place, but had it forced upon them.

To recap, when you are at home, you feel welcomed…not alienated.  You feel at peace, not that little concern is being shown for the continued damage to your spiritual, emotional, physical, psychological and financial capability.

Can anybody hear me?