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I don’t know about you but, I hardly watch the News anymore!

I honestly tried to, but I just couldn’t any more. You turn on the TV and a little over two minutes into it, the bad news begins and never really ends.

Story after story of who shot John and where he fell overshadow any stories, no matter how great, of people helping people.

“Infant accidentally shoots self with gun.” “Sibling shoots younger sibling.” “Boy shoots self with pink gun.” “Man robbed at gunpoint.” “Sexual Assaults on the rise.” “Tidal wave washes away entire continent.” Before long, I am tired and depressed!

And the way news is distributed is just as bad as the news itself. Instead of telling one entire story before moving onto another, News is dangled in front of us or given in drips and drabs between countless commercials and “cuts to other live stories” like something out of Pine Valley.

By the time you get the complete story of any one situation, you feel as if you have sat through an episode of All My Children, where the elements of suspense and drama are strategically used to create maximum interest.

Why is News being treated like entertainment? And, while we’re on the subject, why is entertainment newsworthy?

Why do I find out that Jennifer Gardner and Ben Affleck are divorcing on the News? I wasn’t watching Wendy or TMZ! I was watching the Evening News. If I want to keep up with entertainment and celebrity gossip, guess what…I would watch Wendy or TMZ.

News Flash: When people watch the News, they want News! They wanna know what’s happening locally, nationally and internationally! They want weather and traffic updates (Note: Not necessarily every five minutes!!)! They want information regarding the Stock Markets etc., not who Madonna is dating, whether or not Beyonce is pregnant again or if Kim Kardashian’s rear end is real or constructed out of various bits of plywood and silicon.

Can anybody hear me?


I used to wonder why people have to die and, even more so, why people want to die. I mean, in the absence of serious or debilitating illness, why would anybody want to die?

However, after getting a little older myself and seeing the world that I grew up in constantly make mostly negative changes, I now understand why people want to, or maybe need to, die off!

You see, there is no use for dinosaurs and other relics from a forgotten time. There is no use for people who can’t keep up with an ever shifting society. You know who I’m talking about. These are the ones who can’t follow current language (slang), technology or fashion trends, and who are majorly unimpressed with today’s entertainment industry as a whole.

Only middle-aged (more or less) myself, I cannot tell you how dismayed I was to see how quickly I am approaching relic status. I mean, I am not interested in trending music, books or movies. I can’t stand it when people repeatedly talk of romance and affection only to show sexually explicit scenes ad infinitum. With that, I cannot imagine how older individual—who, by the way, were born when movies had real storylines and were not just thinly veiled pornographic shows masquerading as action and adventure as they are today—must feel.

Then, there is the constant barrage of upgrades that make the decision to die even more appealing. No sooner than you purchase and attempt to learn the inner workings of an “i” this or that, than another one is on the market rendering your new “i” something or other, old. No matter what you do, you can’t keep up! Even at my age, I have to admit that I have no concern for the latest, greatest, and innovative way to perform a task that was simple enough being done by hand decades ago.

Then, if that isn’t enough, for every good and useful invention designed to make life easier, there are two even newer inventions created for the sheer purpose of wreaking havoc on the lives of those who were reluctant to try new technologies in the first place. Someone hacks this, disables that, and breaches security here. It seems that hackers are multiplying at a much faster rate than cyber security can keep up with.

For me, this more than justifies why seniors, in particular, are leery of moving into the 21st century. In fact, most of the seniors I know still do things the old fashioned way. They continue to pay their bills using handwritten checks and continue to rely on the postal service through their purchase and usage of postage stamps. They still use landline phones—and even if they have cell phones, they are only used for emergencies. Most shop in person, no online stuff. Most don’t use or even own a computer. Most treat the internet as an evil force attempting to gain entry into their homes for nefarious reasons. Most believe they can spot a GMO. And, of course, that’s only for those who know what GMO’s are in the first place!

You see, they grew up in a simpler, less complicated time when people made legal, binding deals with a handshake; wore clothing that fit; and actually talked to one another using real words and not acronyms, abbreviations and slang.

Truthfully, after trying both sides, that world appeals to me too. It feels safer. Can anybody hear me LOL?

Making money seems to be relatively easy in the United States.  I guess that’s why individuals seeking refuge from their respective countries of origin migrate here.  With our love of singing, sports and entertainment, many people find that talents which were of no use in their home countries (or even home cities) can suddenly propel them to the top of society.  No.  With the right talent and drive, making money is not a problem.  Keeping it, however, seems to be a major one.

I cannot help but consider the many athletes and entertainers who accumulate vast wealth during their lifetimes, only to die destitute and penniless years later.  Of course, there is no ONE reason for this trend.  It is a combination of trusting the wrong people, living above one’s means (no matter how big the means in question are) and not planning for the future.  I also cite back taxes, unfamiliarity with tax shelters and laws—laws that somehow don’t apply to them (you know who they DO apply to), poor investment choices and possible addictions as some of the main causes.

I cannot tell you how often I have seen it happen.  A young entertainer rises to the top of the musical charts.  He continues this trend for a number of years to the excitement of all, including his record label.  Then, with little to no explanation other than a few disparaging reports in the tabloids, he disappears from the spotlight after music changes course and/or the discovery of the next Idol.  Just a few years thereafter, he makes headlines once again, only this time it is because he is sick, dying and broke.  Yet, somehow, the Executive with the dark blue pants and the white shirt—who, mind you, has never sung a single song—has managed to maintain the wealth he received as a result of the entertainer’s efforts.  Somehow, the Executive manages to own the original tracks—tracks which, once again, he neither wrote nor performed—of the former artist such that all royalties, rights etc., associated with this entertainer belong to the him.

How is this possible?

To some extent, one must blame a lack of understanding.  Many people simply do not understand the intricacies of finance and live as though the high times will continue forever.  As someone who has watched the lives of many young entertainers and athletes end in ruin, let me tell you, they will not.  And the only way to weather the storms ahead is to gain the understanding and knowledge of how to use wealth to accumulate more wealth; that is, diversifying one’s interests so that other forms of income will continue to come in, even if the main career goes down.

That being the case, I suggest that rather than simply focusing on gaining wealth, we open ourselves to the benefit of financial education.  Just a few business courses can be the difference between rising and falling and rising and maintaining.  Can anybody hear me?