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Ok, at this point, you would have to have lived under a rock not to know that Republican Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, was shot and critically injured over a month ago at the practice for a charity baseball game.  Through various news reports, we are all, more or less, intimately familiar with the specifics of HIS health​ situation.  And, of course, we are also fully aware of Representative John McCain’s recent health crisis where he underwent surgery to alleviate symptoms directly associated with brain cancer.  As I understand it, his situation is particularly dire, to say the least.

But, can I be honest?

All while this is going on, I’m trying hard to force myself to think about or, more importantly, even care about Steve Scalise’s or John McCain’s respective medical conditions.  This saddens me.

I’m usually a caring person.  I don’t like to see anyone or anything hurt.  I’d almost bring an injured feral cat indoors to care for it.  I even feed the neighborhood birds.  However, these days, in these United States, I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to care about individuals who have proven that they are hell-bent on the destruction of others.

Let’s face it, It takes a special kind of evil to leave a hospital bed—against the advice of your doctors, no less—in order to vote in favor of something that is said to have a potentially catastrophic outcome on the poor.  With that said, I don’t know if Scalise’s vote was needed or not since he was released from the hospital with little to no fanfare.  And do you know why I don’t know?  The reason is simple.  I don’t know because I stopped watching.  I simply unplugged.

For all I know he could very well have voted.  Either way wouldn’t surprise me.  But you see, I have decided not to care about any of it.  For clarification, I have made a conscious decision not to worry, stress or entertain strife in my life.  This, I do for my physical and mental health.  And, you know what, I am happy.  Even in this current, politically hostile climate, I have found a way to be content and worry free.

Don’t misunderstand.  I am well aware of politics and the role it plays in people’s lives.  I am well aware of all the ways the world if breaking down and things are becoming worse seemingly every day.  And I am well aware of the things I need to do to protect myself.  But I’ve determined that I will not allow any of this to break me down.

I pray a lot and cannot tell you how much it helps to keep me grounded.  I suggest you try it too.  Pray to whomever you feel is your Creator, Sustainer or Whatever.  Let me tell you, it sure beats taking loads of drugs (prescription and/or otherwise), alcohol and excessive food consumption in an attempt to self medicate.

Fear, stress, worry, strife and dis-ease can open the door to diseases and other major medical conditions you don’t want or need, especially with the state of healthcare/ insurance being up in the air.

I can say that it’s working for me.  In the face of all that is crumbling around me, I have to confess, I’ve never felt better.

Can anybody hear me?


I cannot imagine how frightening it must be to be on foreign soil, with so-called fellow American soldiers, and be dependent upon them to have your back when, in reality, they don’t have your back when you are on American soil with them. I mean, how many of brothers in arms would be willing to stand up for you whatever your situation is? Are you discriminated against based on your race? How about for your sexual orientation? Gender? Upbringing or class? Level of education?   Yet, somehow, you are supposed to be convinced that these same individuals who persecute you in your land will stand up with you/for you in battle?

What must it be like to be prepared to fight and possibly die for a country that won’t allow you the dignity of life? You fight to spread freedom to the world, and yet struggle to obtain equality, an education, a job or even just the right to exist as you are in a way that would afford you a real chance at a happy life in America. Nevertheless, you joined the military either because there was little else for you to do with your life or because you truly believe in fighting for an ideal. You had a choice between the military or the drudge that your life had become! Then, for your participation in this low paying club of trained killers (who, at times, have complaints of not having proper gear to do battle with or to protect themselves), you are tasked to kill so-called enemies who, truth be told, have never treated you in the manner that you have been treated in by some of your fellow Americans.

The lucky ones who return from battle can return home to find that home no longer exists. How must it feel to return to a country that you defended with your body and your mind only to find out that you are homeless, desolate and forgotten? After all you have given to your country, your needs—medical or otherwise—are on the backburner. How could they do this to you? It’s simple when you think about it: they never intended you to return home…at least, not alive.

Here’s my bottom line, whether I or anyone else agree or disagree with your life path, your home should be maintained by Uncle Sam. You should have access to proper medication and counseling. You should be taken care of by the country that YOU have taken care of. Your uncle should not write you off because he thought and maybe even hoped you would die and he would never have to provide a home, quality health insurance, housing, educational opportunities, etc., for you.

Can anybody hear me?