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Let’s Make America Great Again!

Confession time…

Every time I hear these words or see them in print, I’m about ready to scream.  And it’s not just because Trump’s supporters covered everything from television ads to their own bodies with it.  No.  I’m sickened by the sheer and baffling level of self delusion and historical revisionism that allows someone to utter those words and actually believe them.  Can someone… anyone… please point out to the class exactly when America was ever great?

I mean, was America great when whites first arrived to America only to find native Americans and indigenous blacks thriving and, despite being met with kindness, deciding to “colonize” land that was already occupied, kill and enslave the people living there and, if that isn’t bad enough, have the unmitigated gall to refer to themselves thereafter as Americans?

Was America great when those same invaders decided to sail to Africa, ensnare and kidnap the natives there and bring them to America as slaves to build upon the newly ill-gotten parcels of stolen land?

Was America great when they forced these same kidnapped black slaves to forget their God, their religion, their name, their heritage, their language and their culture?

Was America great when they stormed from coast to coast, driving the surviving native peoples further and further from their land and forcing them into smaller and smaller pens like pets?

Was America great when they hanged, beat, raped, pillaged and sold those enslaved black people amongst themselves for money while making them build America for free?

Was America great when it wrote a Constitution that protected its white citizens that did not include either the enslaved black individuals or the natives they boxed in even though those people needed it the most?

Was America great during the ensuing battles that followed, such as the civil war, when the north and south had different plans for utilizing the rather lucrative black peoples?

Was America great when it wanted the no longer quite as enslaved black peoples to join their military and fight, kill and die on the frontline fighting enemies that had done nothing to them while ignoring their actual enemies and tormenters at home?

Was America great when it decided to revamp the laws supposedly protecting blacks, yet never enforcing those laws, rendering the laws as useless as the paper they were written on?

Was America great when it labeled descendants of the native peoples illegal immigrants despite the fact that their ancestors were here before whites were?

Was America great when it deliberately miseducated blacks in an attempt to create a permanent underclass who would always be dependent upon them?

Was America great when it limited and controlled all banks, housing, neighborhoods, schools, churches, and all other facilities that blacks could utilize?

Was America great when it taught stories of the Holocaust in vivid detail while glossing over the horrors of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, despite the millions upon millions who were killed each year?

Was America great when white America wanted and demanded that black America grieve for, cry harder and sympathize with victims of atrocities overseas more than they mourned for themselves and their present condition in America?

Was America great when it continuously charged black and brown people higher prices and interest rates for housing, automobiles, food and necessities?

Was America great when it allowed/allows officers of the courts to gun down, imprison, profile black people often without provocation and without repercussion?

Was America great when it attempted to punish these mistreated individuals for picketing, rallying, protesting, boycotting against being mistreated by white America?

Perhaps America was great when it provided reparations to Japan while making no effort to repair the physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and financial damages blacks had incurred directly as a result of slavery and the vestiges thereof?

You tell me!  When was America ever great?

Because, honestly, I’m a little vague on the timeframe we’re talking about here.

Can anybody hear me?



The more I read about the atrocities of the Jewish Holocaust, the more convinced I become that the devastating events associated with the Holocaust are  comparable to other similar historical events, such as the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and other crimes against Blacks, Africans, Asians and Native Americans, though on a smaller scale.

Don’t misunderstand.  I don’t mean to minimize mistreatment of any member of the human race.  All of it is deplorable.  At the same time, however, I do not wish to elevate the genocide of one people over the genocide of another.  All are atrocities and the perpetrators deserve nothing but contempt.

Still, the Holocaust is the most recognized crime against humanity.  While other peoples who have been mistreated are forced to relegate all memories of their mistreatment to the backburner—or risk being told that they are bitter and holding on to the past—the Jewish Holocaust is continuously passed down from generation to generation in text and in film as if it were the only recorded time in history where men flagrantly mistreated other men.  Truly, if the exploitation of other races of people were given this same level of respect, press and sympathy, the world might just be making real progress and, as a result, true healing.

Instead, we are left in a world where the abusers and the children of the abusers are able to dictate the terms of their forgiveness.  Entire peoples are openly scorned and ridiculed.  Crimes against some are so accepted and commonplace that they are considered to be acts of patriotism, instead of the terrorism that they truly are.  This is what happens when crimes against humanity go unpunished or, even worse, are pushed aside in the interest of “moving forward” or “getting along.”  Getting along is not the same as truly living together or even surviving together.  It is just what it says, getting along.  But where are we getting to?  Can anybody hear me?