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Ok, at this point, you would have to have lived under a rock not to know that Republican Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, was shot and critically injured over a month ago at the practice for a charity baseball game.  Through various news reports, we are all, more or less, intimately familiar with the specifics of HIS health​ situation.  And, of course, we are also fully aware of Representative John McCain’s recent health crisis where he underwent surgery to alleviate symptoms directly associated with brain cancer.  As I understand it, his situation is particularly dire, to say the least.

But, can I be honest?

All while this is going on, I’m trying hard to force myself to think about or, more importantly, even care about Steve Scalise’s or John McCain’s respective medical conditions.  This saddens me.

I’m usually a caring person.  I don’t like to see anyone or anything hurt.  I’d almost bring an injured feral cat indoors to care for it.  I even feed the neighborhood birds.  However, these days, in these United States, I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to care about individuals who have proven that they are hell-bent on the destruction of others.

Let’s face it, It takes a special kind of evil to leave a hospital bed—against the advice of your doctors, no less—in order to vote in favor of something that is said to have a potentially catastrophic outcome on the poor.  With that said, I don’t know if Scalise’s vote was needed or not since he was released from the hospital with little to no fanfare.  And do you know why I don’t know?  The reason is simple.  I don’t know because I stopped watching.  I simply unplugged.

For all I know he could very well have voted.  Either way wouldn’t surprise me.  But you see, I have decided not to care about any of it.  For clarification, I have made a conscious decision not to worry, stress or entertain strife in my life.  This, I do for my physical and mental health.  And, you know what, I am happy.  Even in this current, politically hostile climate, I have found a way to be content and worry free.

Don’t misunderstand.  I am well aware of politics and the role it plays in people’s lives.  I am well aware of all the ways the world if breaking down and things are becoming worse seemingly every day.  And I am well aware of the things I need to do to protect myself.  But I’ve determined that I will not allow any of this to break me down.

I pray a lot and cannot tell you how much it helps to keep me grounded.  I suggest you try it too.  Pray to whomever you feel is your Creator, Sustainer or Whatever.  Let me tell you, it sure beats taking loads of drugs (prescription and/or otherwise), alcohol and excessive food consumption in an attempt to self medicate.

Fear, stress, worry, strife and dis-ease can open the door to diseases and other major medical conditions you don’t want or need, especially with the state of healthcare/ insurance being up in the air.

I can say that it’s working for me.  In the face of all that is crumbling around me, I have to confess, I’ve never felt better.

Can anybody hear me?


Though I believe that many women experience some form of mid-life crisis, we tend to think of men when we discuss this topic.  I like to think of a mid-life crisis as the male version of menopause… mentally if not physically.  In women, this is the time where you realize that you are moving into yet another phase of aging.  Even though this period is most often categorized by night sweats, weight gain and other miseries too numerous to list, most women can at least look forward to the cessation of menses.  For some, that alone is worth the price of discomfort.  However, in men, having a mid-life crisis, or participating in anything remotely related to aging for that matter, seems to have no such “bright spot.”

I noted that this is seemingly the time when most divorces take place and gave some thought as to the reason.  It seems that as soon as aging is too present to be denied, one or the other of the partners eagerly races to someone younger than themselves in their attempt to drink from the nonexistent fountain of youth.  The results are predictable…and disheartening.  They Sugar Daddy and Cougar themselves into the Hall of Shame at best or bankruptcy at worst.  In the end, their troubles solicit little sympathy from those of us who are a witness to this social malady.

I cannot help but witness the return to silly looking, low cut shirts resting just above protruding guts on men and to too-short skirts, tight pants and way too much sagging cleavage on women.  Honorable mention goes to way too much make-up!!  Even when the person in question thinks themselves to be “in shape” it is sadly just a matter of time before said shape becomes something wholly unfamiliar as it begins to spill out of its “containment.”  It seems that aging with dignity is no longer in style.  Fighting it on every level is to be admired.  Surgery, injections, anything you can do to ward off wrinkles and any other signs of aging is utilized (quickly, if not excessively), often resulting in an outcome far worse than the curse of Father Time.

I do not mean to imply that aging is easy.  There are pains and pangs of frustration and self doubt for even the most well-adjusted among us.  Yet, nothing and I mean nothing is more embarrassing than an attempt to remain young in dialogue (i.e. slang, excessive cursing, etc), dress (tight, revealing sets or drooping pants) or deportment (approaching persons young enough to be one’s child, failing to pass on any wisdom).  So, for my money, I say, eat right (as much as you can), drink only in moderation, exercise only in moderation, hydrate, moisturize, get some sleep and age with grace.  Can anybody hear me?