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Okay, is it just me or has anybody else ever noticed that, no matter how many murders of innocent black men, women and children that occur at the hands of self appointed vigilantes like Dylan Roof, the only people ever associated with being in hell and/or on their way to hell are the people who allegedly hurt the lighter-skinned peoples of the Earth?

Regardless of the ever increasing deaths of black people by law enforcement—which, by the way, rarely even ends in legal justice, much less the idea of a divine one—there is almost never an associated societal stain on these individuals.  They aren’t blacklisted or ostracized or criticized by society at large.  In fact, they are often rehired after brief administrative processes and allowed to continue with their lives without further ado… with not as much as a thought much less any comment regarding the state of their eternal soul (or lack thereof) for having decided that yet another black life needed to be discontinued.

What do I mean? Think about it?

When people do talk about those they believe are in hell or who they perceive will be going to hell upon their death, they are often referring to men like Hitler and…that’s usually it.  In fact, to hear whites and so-called Jewish people talk, Hitler is in hell virtually all by his lonesome.  Men like Charles Manson, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy MAY be seen as hellbound because of their murderous rampages but, depending on who is doing the talking, they might be excused under the umbrella of mental illness — an umbrella that seems to be collapsing under the sheer weight its being forced to bear.

Even though these men can be rightfully classified as diabolical without question, they don’t evoke the same type of visceral hatred response as good ole Adolf (and a few other, rather infamous world leaders).  Why is that?

Well, the main reason might be that they were not world leaders.  Hitler was a world leader, who used his position and power to commit an act of genocide against another group of people solely on the basis of their race.  He labeled an entire group of people as THE problem and viewed wiping them from existence as the solution.  It doesn’t get much more evil than that.

But what does that mean for other historical figures who have done the same thing?

What does that mean for King Leopold, who wiped out millions of Africans in the Congo?  Is he not roasting as well?  But why is he never mentioned on the list of wicked leaders?  His choice in victims, maybe?

What does that mean for the American presidents?  What does that mean for the American leaders who committed genocide against the red “savages” that lived in the Americas before the Europeans?

It seems as though people aren’t as clear on where the souls of men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and a host of other white men who bought/sold, enslaved, raped and pillaged the so-called African Americans, landed.  For the most part, they are still able to maintain their good guy reputations.  They are the men that other men should aspire to become!  And anybody who disagrees with that assessment is considered mentally challenged or full of hate.  In fact, if anyone—especially a black person—even tries to point out the reality that Lincoln was not the lover of black people that he is being historically pushed as or that Thomas Jefferson was a pedophile or that George Washington would have been called a drug dealer by today’s standards, they would probably be labeled anything from a race baiter at best to uneducated or maybe even crazy!

But the question remains!  Why aren’t these men relegated to hell for all eternity as Hitler supposedly is?  Didn’t they commit atrocities against a race of people just as Hitler did?  Does it only count when the victims are Jewish?  Does that mean it’s okay or somehow not a sin for white men to harm so-called African Americans or other dark peoples?  Are the only hell-worthy sins the egregious acts committed against whites or so-called Jewish peoples?  Do they have a monopoly on victimization?

And it’s those questions which are still causing problems today.

For some reason beyond explanation, white people can’t seem to grasp why their historical heroes (who may have just as much blood on their hands as, say, Hitler) aren’t regarded with the same love and respect that they feel for them by the descendants of their victims (you know, those who were raped, pillaged, enslaved and slaughtered by them).  They just don’t seem to be able to process much less understand why black people don’t feel the same about say, Robert E. Lee, as they do.  And the reason for this is because their actions aren’t seen as evil.  There’s always some kind of gray area or mitigating circumstances that render them blameless…or at the very least less culpable for the deaths they caused.  Hitler was evil.  The Confederates were patriots.

Why is that?

Their choice in victims, maybe?

Can anybody hear me?

Ok.  Maybe you can help me out.  Maybe you can give me some insight into an issue that has been bugging me for quite some time.

Here goes:  If you’ve committed a crime against someone, shouldn’t you feel guilty about it…or at least a little bad about it?  I mean, wouldn’t that be the normal—non-sociopathic—response?

If you had even a modicum of conscience, wouldn’t you want to correct the error?  Wouldn’t you take steps to remedy the situation…if for no other reason than to assuage your own guilt?  In fact, isn’t it incumbent upon you to do so?

And shouldn’t this be the normal progression of emotion and action…without someone having to coerce you into apologizing and/or taking restorative steps?  Shouldn’t you pursue this course of action without the expectation of being applauded or rewarded by all and sundry…as though cleaning up after yourself is somehow a major achievement?  I mean, think about it.  If you crash someone’s car, you wouldn’t expect them to fall over themselves praising you for fixing the damage, right?

Yet today, these ideals almost seem foreign!  I daresay that the opposite is true.

Somehow, the culprit has become more of a victim than the actual victim!  As such, the actual victim has become more burdened to forgive a wrong done to them than the culprit is to not do the wrong in the first place!

More and more, I see instances where the victim is expected to take the lead and even absorb the total impact of the wrong committed against them without complaint.

Even worse, depending on the wronged party, it is almost demanded that the victim publicly commits to absolving said culprit of his or her actions against them…no matter how egregious or devastating the crime was.

When did that happen?

How did that happen?

Most importantly, why did that happen?

Why did the world become so degenerate that people demanding justice for wrongs committed against them became a sign of malice and hatred?

When did it become an acceptable notion that the victim of a crime had more responsibility to their culprit than vice versa?  Why should the victim be more instrumental in correcting and forgiving their culprit than the culprit has for making things right?

And don’t get me started on when the victim is black and the culprit white.  Before the bodies are even buried, microphones are jammed into the grieving families’ faces and reporters bombard them with questions over whether they forgive the perpetrator or not.  In many cases, the offended party is subject to ridicule if they don’t publicly and expeditiously forgive a white culprit.   Then, the actual culprit somehow gains the right to complain about not being forgiven fast enough.  From there, the culprit goes on to garner sympathy for their suffering at not having been forgiven!  Outrageous!

Now, I’m certainly not saying that white victims of crimes don’t forgive other races of people for committing crimes against them.  That would be unrealistic.  Rather, what I am saying is that when whites are the culprit, they demand forgiveness almost as an entitlement.

I know, I know…this is where people quote (or rather misquote) the Bible, citing forgiveness as mandatory!

OK, I’ll spot you that one.  Forgiveness is indeed mandatory.  Nevertheless, as much as forgiveness is mandatory, so is refraining from doing harm/sinning against others in the first place!

Go and sin no more and pay back what you owe are the parts of the Bible nobody wants to talk about!

Then again, no one wants to deal with that part of the Bible that says we should forgive our brothers/sisters unless there is cause either.

If they did, they’d have to ask a host of uncomfortable questions, such as who is my brother/my sister, and what constitutes cause.

Consider this:  Would a brother or sister intentionally harm you?  If they did harm you, wouldn’t they take steps to repair the damage?  Wouldn’t they understand the pain, suffering and inconvenience they caused you?  Would they try to get out of making reparations or assisting in your healing process?  Wouldn’t they be sensitive to your need to heal and give you enough time to do so?  Wouldn’t they be worried over what our parent(s) would say or do to punish them for their actions?

In the absence of these things, isn’t it fair and reasonable to conclude that the culprit is not your brother or sister?

And what about cause?  Would harming you and making no moves to heal you be considered cause?  If so, would that mean you have cause to be angry at them, or not regard them as family anymore?  Would that give you cause to not allow them into your inner circle or any additional access to you…if for no other reason than for your own protection from future assaults?   Wouldn’t that give you the right to appeal to your parents (God) for justice?  Isn’t that a reasonable outcome…at least until reparations are made?

Can anybody hear me?

Can anybody tell me whatever happened to H. R. 1242?

While you’re at it, can somebody—anybody—tell me what happened to the associated, scheduled activities mentioned in this particular bill that was signed into law by President Trump in 2017?

Did it get past me?  Did I miss all the referenced hoopla?

For those of you not in the know, H. R. 1242 (Sec. 3) is a bill that supposedly recognizes 400 Years of so-called African-American History.

According to everything I’ve heard and read about it, it amounted to a series of “celebrations” and “festivities”  held throughout the US to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of so-called Africans in the English colonies at Point Comfort, Virginia, in 1619.

For reference, most historians agree that the first recorded Africans arrived in British North America in late August 1619.

As an aside, I personally love how they recall the kidnap and enslavement of a people as an “arrival”…which sounds significantly more like voluntary travel as opposed to forced slavery.

Anyway, here it is December 31, 2019, the last day of the 400th year of this so-called “arrival” and, guess what?  No fanfare.  Not even a mention.  Why?

If there were to be no festivities, no celebration and barely any mention of this Anniversary, then why even create a bill and sign it into law in the first place?

What was the point?

I mean, did the date change?  Or maybe, just maybe…did the motive for acknowledging this date change?

What do I mean by that?

Well, hear me out!

With so many so-called African-Americans discovering that they are not even African at all but rather are the actual Tribe of Judah referenced in the Holy Bible, perhaps the acknowledgment of the actual date confirms/gives validity to claims America would rather see dismissed.

Could there have been a concern that, by acknowledging the “400 years” spent in the land of our captivity, the government would inadvertently prompt further scrutiny of the Bible.  Was there concern that maybe a larger number of people would ask themselves if the references in Deuteronomy 28:15-68, that describes a group of people currently living under specific curses placed upon them by their Elohim, related to the so-called African-Americans?

Does the fact that the people described therein differ exponentially from the people known throughout the world today as Jews have any bearing on the matter?

Would seeing the slave ships and such remind people that, according to the Bible, the chosen people, the actual Jews from the Tribe of Judah, were dispersed to the four corners of the Earth via ships and in chains?

Would the fact that the same were to be sold to other men as slaves and remain in this condition until the return of their Elohim be a clue as to the identity of the chosen people of God?

Would a deeper exploration of black history lead to the realization that no other people on the planet fit the description of the chosen people of God as perfectly as so-called African-Americans?

Would recognizing the 400 year anniversary showcase, in real time, the unmistakable similarities between so called African-Americans and the referenced chosen children of God?

Would these similarities cause people to question the validity of the peoples claiming to be and currently recognized as the chosen of God?

Would it prompt research to that end?

Would people who never considered that they were being misled about who the chosen people of the Bible are find out that most of the people known as Jews today (whether living abroad or residing in Israel) are actually Ashkenazi Russian Jewish converts?  Or that they originate from places like Poland and Germany?

Even worse, what would society think if they knew that the peoples presented to the world as Jews are actually referenced in Revelation 2:8, 3:8 as fake?

Would that shake people’s faith?

More importantly, what would it say about the world we live in? About the people who know the truth but who have allowed one of the most egregious cases of identity theft in the history of the world to not only be propagated upon all of society, but to continue until this very day?

What would that say about our government?  About religions that are misrepresenting the truth?  About what is being taught in seminaries, etc., the world over?

Can anybody hear me?

I recently heard a newscast where psychologists and other so-called experts went on record as saying that spankings make children violent and can be responsible for violent behavior later in their adult years.  Ultimately, they concluded that children should never be spanked.

I must admit that those experts and their associated statements made me very, very angry.  Why you might ask?

Generations of Blacks (men, women and children of all ages) experienced whippings/beatings/battering and other abuse during slavery at the hands of White slave masters!  Even years afterwards, with the formation of terrorist groups like the Klan and the actions of various Night Riders (to say nothing of the legally sanctioned actions of various police agencies and forces), Black people from cradle to grave were beaten, brutalized and subjected to emotional and psychological trauma for well over a century.  Throughout all this time, where were the psychological analyses from the so-called experts of that time, or even today, stating that enslaving Black people and subsequently beating them viciously well into their advanced years would result in them becoming hostile, with possible violent implications for future generations?

Post-slavery, Blacks adopted many of the same violent practices that they learned and experienced first-hand during slavery when raising their own children, both due to their own traumatic experiences and as a defense mechanism.  Fear for their children’s very lives prompted many Black parents to beat their children incessantly so that they would not be killed by Whites who perceived them as not knowing their place in society.

Again, where were/are the psychological analyses affirming that Blacks experiencing extreme violence and trauma during and after slavery might negatively affect every area of Black life in present and future generations?

I mean, there have been plenty of studies and questionable reports regarding violence in the Black community and/or depicting blacks as somehow more prone to violence than other races of people as an inherent result of their blackness.  Yet, not one psychological analysis attributes any part of this violent behavior to the known violence experienced by Blacks during and post slavery.

Where are the multi-paged psychological reports that explain in horrific detail that slavery and the vestiges thereof cannot be ignored as a causative factor of violence within the black community?

How can this be?  If psychologists can attribute violence in adults to spankings as children then why not attribute the brutal beatings during slavery as a factor in Blacks being violent afterwards?

Is my conclusion really so farfetched?

These same so-called experts want parents to be responsible for creating violent children (and later adults) by spanking them, but don’t assign this same level of blame and responsibility to white America for damaging and creating violent Black children that later become violent Black adults!

Either spankings cause violence in children—all children regardless of race—resulting in violent adults or they don’t. You simply can’t have it as a rule for one group or one demographic and not the other that is…unless, of course, we’re dealing with unequal standards or some form of associated, culturally spread schizophrenia?

But that’s another blog for another day!

Can anybody hear me?

If you’re like me, you hate to see anyone being mistreated.  If you’re REALLY like me, you hate to see almost ANY living creature (with a special minus on a select few) being mistreated as well.

As such, I am as upset over the recent immigration scandal as anyone else.  However, what really makes me upset is when people become selectively distraught by the sufferings of some while willfully ignoring the sufferings of others.

What do I mean?

It is of a truth that Jewish communities are allowed and even encouraged to remember the misdeeds of one Adolf Hitler.  According to history, he targeted them for destruction over a period of approximately 5 years.  We can safely assume that he is hated by all Jewish persons and, furthermore, that others are taught to revile him as well.

To that end, the Holocaust is taught in detail at every learning institution; at least one film is produced every year recounting their mistreatment; and (and this is the best part) even though they have recovered (quite handsomely, I might add) in the form of a homeland (Israel) and the amassing of extreme wealth, and social and political influence, Hitler remains atop history’s most hated villains list.

Conversely, African Americans, who were kidnapped from their homeland, enslaved in a foreign land, raped, murdered, pillaged, bred like animals and violated in every aspect of their lives, are directed to do the opposite of what Jewish persons are allowed (and even instructed) to do.  Instead of being encouraged to remember (even though it’s impossible to forget an ongoing saga) their historical mistreatment at the hands of an entire race of people (not just one man), African Americans are instructed not to relive their obvious and no less disturbing suffering.  And they are admonished for doing otherwise.

In fact, African Americans, unlike any other group, have to feign adjustment and affection for a hostile political and social system or risk being accused of being hate-filled, unable to move on from the past, and/or of using their history as slaves as an excuse for any lack of success; all of this despite the fact that they continue to reside in the land of their former slavemasters and must continually battle for basic human rights (or even to be left alone to live and work in peace) even in 2018.

If African Americans even discuss (much less make a movie about) the Transatlantic Slave Trade or any of the vestiges of racism, they are shunned.  They are attacked by all sides, even some of their own who think only of their own finances and not the fate of their people.  And on that note, to date, this is the only group that has received no monetary reparations for either their suffering or, in many cases, their contributions to the American economy, history or society.  Never mind that other races of people have received monetary reparations and apologies for race-related misdeeds, if they argue for it, they are just lazy and want something for nothing.

Today, in the face of continued racism, African Americans are supposed to and expected to abandon their own fight for justice to champion the battle that Mexicans and other people of color are experiencing against the same regime that destroyed and oppressed them…in spite of the fact that many of these other people have been, for the most part, silent for the plight of black people.

African Americans are expected to do this even though these same groups of people did nothing to assist them at the height of their mistreatment and, even worse, spoke out against their attempts to redress the balance and pursue justice.

It must be asked: where was the outrage for black people being murdered in the streets, and thus separated from their families by a bit more than a cell wall?  Where was the understanding that the system was flawed and actively working against a group of people to protect the interests of white supremacy?  And where were the unity, calls to action and cries for accountability just a few months ago, when white America was openly complaining that their rights were infringed upon because black people finally understood that their lives mattered?

Do the people who have been calling for assistance and compassion this entire time look like the bad guys in this scenario?  Does it make other peoples of color who are experiencing race related mistreatment the bad guys?  God forbid.  Instead, it should shine an ugly, historical light on the peoples—the same peoples—who are once again destroying the lives of yet another group of people (and people of color I might add).

Can anybody hear me?

I think I hate men.

No.  That’s not right.

I’m almost sure that I do… but not for the reasons that you might suppose.

I’m not heartbroken over the one that got away.  I’m not recovering from physical or emotional abuse at the hands of a domineering lout.  I’m not even dealing with the aftermath of infidelity.

In fact, there’s actually a lot I love about men.

You see, I love their physiques (obviously).  I love their attitude.  I love how quickly they get over conflicts.  I love how they can thrive in the midst of adversity.  I love how they smell and even how they laugh.

So what’s the problem, right?

The problem (and the reason I hate them)… is their unfair advantage over women.

What do I mean?

Simply stated, I hate how the world treats men differently from women.  I hate how, for some reason, they age differently from women even though they have just as many years under their belts.  An old woman is past her prime; used up.  An old man “still got it.”

I hate how happy they are with themselves even when they aren’t attractive.  Women spend thousands to look their best, fight off the ravages of time and cover any blemishes.  Men will walk around with their guts out, their hair askew and their faces pockmarked and misshapen, fully confident that they can attract a “perfect 10” with little to no effort on their parts.

I hate how they can reset their family/time/body clock by simply marrying someone half their age and having more children.

I know, I know, women can do that too!  However, even here, she is at a distinct disadvantage.  If her much younger man wants children, she may have to birth a baby at a late age even if she already has grown children.  Ignoring that grown children are another animal altogether, carrrying a child is a lot more intensive than watching someone else do it.

Even if the younger man agrees to adopt children, the older woman starts over in the worse way: Diapers, Kindergarten, PTAs, etc.


Who wants to do that unless you have money and can afford a nanny to help out?

And then there’s the issue of trust involved with that.  Compare the number of single fathers you know to the number of single mothers.  All too often, men have the option of simply walking out, leaving the mother to raise any children alone.

Men don’t even have that as an issue when they marry a young girl. Oftentimes, she hasn’t experienced these things yet and has the energy to keep up with the demands of young children, to say nothing of the novelty and newness of such a thing.

Is it just me or does this seem very unfair?

So, looking back at my previous statement, I guess I really hate men because they have more lives than women.

What does that mean?

It means that, like a cat, they get a seemingly endless number of do-overs.  They can stop and start and restart their body/life clock whenever they like.

Meanwhile, women are in a footrace against that same body/life clock to meet, marry and bear children before they end up as old maids…or raising children well into their fifties and, God forbid, their sixties!

I know, I know.

Women are having babies at older ages, and you always have women who want that life and embrace starting over.  But for the vast majority, getting through with childbearing and rearing and getting back to your own life is the goal.  And they can’t reset the clock whenever they please.  Once their time is up, they’ve essentially expired.

Can anybody hear me?

What to say?  Where to begin?  After more years than I care to remember, I can say with certainty that I have been cheated, misled, defrauded and robbed.

But, and this part is important, this wasn’t your typical robbery.  There was no gun, no knife nor even a mysterious, violent looking culprit​ lurking around in the night.

What’s more, I wasn’t exactly the Hollywood stereotype of a victim.  I mean, I didn’t do any of the usual things that people who put themselves in harm’s way do.  I wasn’t flashing money around like it was going out of style.  I wasn’t publicly intoxicated or visibly impaired in any way that would indicate I was an easy mark. I wasn’t wandering around, looking lost and uncertain.  In fact, I never left the comfort of my house.  Yet, it happened, just the same.

Like many today, I’ve got a few problems.  Some of my issues are health related.  Some of my problems concern wealth or, in my case, the lack thereof.  But some of the most pressing issues in my life revolve around spirituality.  I admit it, I have a few questions.  And as I no longer belonged to a church, I needed to do some searching if I wanted my answers.  Just my luck, information and possibly answers were available 24/7 via my favorite medium… the TV.

Again, like so many others, I settled right in.  And before long, I had chosen some favorite Ministers, simultaneously tossing out more than a few Bishops, Apostles, Pastors, Doctors of Theology etc., that I deemed as suspicious and/or obviously money grubbing.  As much as I wanted/needed information, something in my spirit said paying for divine guidance was wrong.

Armed with my spiritual arsenal of religious men, I felt strangely empowered.  I now had plan A.  I even had plan B.  If my favorite Man of God wasn’t available, (you know, that special one that speaks directly to you), I had emergency alternates.  What could possibly go wrong?

In a word… everything.

Before long, they had me roped in.  Trust me, that’s not a simple​ task. Somehow, I was convinced that I could tithe, seed and pray myself out of my problems. So, I did just that!  I scraped every penny I had together and sent it in.

I don’t know if it was fate’s decree, coincidence or something decidedly more sinister but, some fairly nice things—things that I had wanted for so long—started to materialize in my life.  I couldn’t explain how it was happening (and didn’t much care to).  All I could do was confirm that it was indeed happening for me.

After a while I became quite used to sending in tithes, seed offerings and donations for this or that, in support of less fortunate people in other countries or for my personal healing and success.  I really didn’t care about the narrative.  I helped out and, as a result, expected to be blessed.

Because that’s how it works, right?

With those blinders firmly in place, it was a while before I noticed an increase in family ministries.  On the surface, this seemed harmless. God was saving whole families, right? It made sense that if one family member became saved, they would spread the Gospel to all the other family members.  But, as I begin to take a closer look, I couldn’t help but notice that church was starting to more closely resemble a family business—where the children of the proprietor are poised to step in and takeover—than real ministry.  How could this be?  How could ALL the children of all Televangelists receive a calling from God to become ministers?  For me, it seemed highly unlikely and very contrived.  I mean, what are the odds?

And I had a front row seat to the grooming process of the next generation of pastors, who seemed to be making more of a career move than receiving a calling from God.

Suspicious and more than a little upset, I took my studies abroad, expanding my research to YouTube, the KJV 1611 Bible, the Apocrypha, biblical encyclopedias and as many other sources as made sense.  What I discovered was telling.  To say it was a bombshell would be an understatement.

I’ll spare you the bulk of my angry ramblings but, suffice it to say, I discovered major discrepancies between what is in the Bible and what is being taught in Christian churches.  This was particularly true as it pertains to tithes and offerings.

It was only through my research (and actual reading of verses) that I discovered what the purpose of a tithe actually was.  Hint: it’s not for a helipad.

This is where I discovered, among other things, that I had indeed been robbed, just not with a pistol.  And sad to say, this is also where I learned I had been more than complicit. I walked in with open eyes but a closed book.  Did you know that tithes and offerings were meant to support the widows, orphans and priests—who, incidentally, weren’t allowed to hold property on earth…in direct opposition to the multimillionaire pastors we have today?  Did you know that the things being offered weren’t monetary at all, but rather food and goods that they needed?  I didn’t.  Surprise, shock and anger… all of them seem far too small to encompass my emotions.

If nothing else, though, I had an answer to an oft repeated question.

Will a man rob God?  Possibly.

Will a man rob another man using God’s name?  Absolutely.

Personally, I prefer robbers that don’t preach their bastardized version of the Good Word and that aren’t appareled in nice suits, touting false promises and taking advantage of those disenfranchised with life.  I’m better prepared for them.  I know what to expect.  They want your money.  Plain and simple.   And they don’t try to appeal to your soul or build themselves up as holy men.

And maybe that’s part of my pain.  Call me old-fashioned but, I prefer my thieves with ski masks, not crucifixes.

So what’s my conclusion?  Just this, if you want knowledge, don’t just take it for granted that someone will hand it to you for free.  There is no such thing as a free lunch.  If you want to have something, do something, know something, you’re going to have to put in some old-fashioned elbow grease.  Do research.  Study.  It’s only a click away now.  No excuses.

In my case, it wasn’t all bad.  Uncle Sam recognized my efforts and rewarded me in the form of a nice tax break.  Thus, the tithing/seed sowing deception was not a total disaster for me.  Still, along with a few of the other major deceptions I’ve uncovered, it was more than enough to make me shake my head and fear for humanity.

Can anybody hear me?

Ok, at this point, you would have to have lived under a rock not to know that Republican Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, was shot and critically injured over a month ago at the practice for a charity baseball game.  Through various news reports, we are all, more or less, intimately familiar with the specifics of HIS health​ situation.  And, of course, we are also fully aware of Representative John McCain’s recent health crisis where he underwent surgery to alleviate symptoms directly associated with brain cancer.  As I understand it, his situation is particularly dire, to say the least.

But, can I be honest?

All while this is going on, I’m trying hard to force myself to think about or, more importantly, even care about Steve Scalise’s or John McCain’s respective medical conditions.  This saddens me.

I’m usually a caring person.  I don’t like to see anyone or anything hurt.  I’d almost bring an injured feral cat indoors to care for it.  I even feed the neighborhood birds.  However, these days, in these United States, I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to care about individuals who have proven that they are hell-bent on the destruction of others.

Let’s face it, It takes a special kind of evil to leave a hospital bed—against the advice of your doctors, no less—in order to vote in favor of something that is said to have a potentially catastrophic outcome on the poor.  With that said, I don’t know if Scalise’s vote was needed or not since he was released from the hospital with little to no fanfare.  And do you know why I don’t know?  The reason is simple.  I don’t know because I stopped watching.  I simply unplugged.

For all I know he could very well have voted.  Either way wouldn’t surprise me.  But you see, I have decided not to care about any of it.  For clarification, I have made a conscious decision not to worry, stress or entertain strife in my life.  This, I do for my physical and mental health.  And, you know what, I am happy.  Even in this current, politically hostile climate, I have found a way to be content and worry free.

Don’t misunderstand.  I am well aware of politics and the role it plays in people’s lives.  I am well aware of all the ways the world if breaking down and things are becoming worse seemingly every day.  And I am well aware of the things I need to do to protect myself.  But I’ve determined that I will not allow any of this to break me down.

I pray a lot and cannot tell you how much it helps to keep me grounded.  I suggest you try it too.  Pray to whomever you feel is your Creator, Sustainer or Whatever.  Let me tell you, it sure beats taking loads of drugs (prescription and/or otherwise), alcohol and excessive food consumption in an attempt to self medicate.

Fear, stress, worry, strife and dis-ease can open the door to diseases and other major medical conditions you don’t want or need, especially with the state of healthcare/ insurance being up in the air.

I can say that it’s working for me.  In the face of all that is crumbling around me, I have to confess, I’ve never felt better.

Can anybody hear me?

Black cop, White cop, to-may-to, to-mah-to, let’s throw the whole thing out!

Let’s face it, regardless of the race of the police officer, they are all the same.  Yet, the media et al., would have you to believe that there is a difference  — that if an African American is pulled over by a police officer and brutalized (which may or may not result in death), somehow it makes a difference as to whether the officer involved was black or white.

People are willing to concede (albeit begrudgingly) that if a tragedy against a black person, African American or person of color is committed by a white cop then, it MAY be an act of racism.  But, if the officer is not an active member of the KKK and/or spouting racial epithets while goose stepping, carrying a noose and burning a cross, racism may be ruled out.  However, if the same level of violence occurs at the hands of a black or Asian or Hispanic police officer, racism isn’t even considered as a factor.  This is because of a fundamental lack of understanding of what racism is and what it does.

Newsflash (to America and abroad):  Racism is systemic!  Racism is causative or contributory of EVERY social malady from sea to shining sea!  But, and this is the important part, racism is more complex than a white person disliking a black person or even a white person not wanting to sit or live next to or even physically touch a black person.  Racism is EVER so much more than that.  For clarity, I quote the late Francis Cress Welsing’s definition of racism:

“Racism (White Supremacy) is the local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war), for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth – a planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by white skinned people, and all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration) compared to the genetic recessive white skin people”.

Now that we have this working definition of racism in hand, it becomes clear that racism is more than just a function of individuals who classify themselves as “white.”  It is a mindset and a system of values and beliefs all geared toward the same goal.  Much like the ideas of Freedom or Independence, Racism is intangible, but subconsciously governs the actions of all people.  And these same individuals are in total control of all areas of black people’s lives.  Thus, black person attempting to live, work or play in a country built on racism must themselves conform to racist laws, policies, religion etc., in order to attain even a modicum of success.

Simply stated, if people of color (namely black or African Americans) become police officers (or occupy any other position in a country where the laws were established during their enslavement) they are tasked to enforce the same set of rules or regulations that white police officers enforce, regardless of whether the rules/regulations are racist or not.  With that in mind, it is fair to say that a police officer is a police officer, color be damned.  Once a member of any race becomes a police officer, he or she has to honor the established CREED of police officers, similar to how gang members have to operate as one entity.  The race of the police officer is immaterial.

Black persons, African Americans, persons of color or whatever other name is fashionable at the moment are disproportionally killed by police officers for infractions as minor as a taillight being out.  They are obvious target of racism in America.  As such, they would do well to treat ALL police officers as a collective and not as individuals.

My advice to anyone of color who is pulled over by a police officer for any reason, whether the officer is black or white, is to run like hell!  You’ll still die, but at least your family won’t have to argue that you are pointing a cannon at innocent, harmless officers while tripping in a sexually aggressive drug trip.

Can anybody hear me?

Lately, I have noticed a growing trend among black televangelists who are preaching a ministry of prosperity.  They emphasize that “nothing and/or no one can stop you” when you are in sync with this “holy” way of thinking.  They cite grace and faith as guarantees for success… right along with the following disclaimer:  If it’s not working for you, you are to blame.

Perhaps your faith is not strong enough.  Perhaps a monetary seed is needed.  Perhaps you’re too sinful.

In any event, YOU are to blame.  Oh wait, there is something else you should know.

You see, there is an enemy and that “the enemy” is prepared to thwart your blessings, if you are not careful.  This enemy moves through your life and seeks only to cause harm, and demonstrate its power over this world.

Nevertheless, this “enemy” is never clearly identified, nor is there any mention made of very real external forces that may contribute to your failure.

Of course, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub and even Abaddon are all honorably mentioned (or dishonorably, as the case may be), but as for anything tangible, that’s never really discussed.  The problem is that this leaves most people with the idea that a ghost or, even worse, a red devil with a pitchfork is all that needs to be avoided to have a good life.  If you can do that, you can successfully navigate this thing called existence.   Avoiding that spectacle shouldn’t be too difficult!  I mean, how could you possibly miss a seven foot tall being with horns?

However, the elephant in the room remains largely unmolested… as it has since days of old.  It’s not mysticism, it’s people, and a particular group at that, that stand in the way.  But that little detail is left out– that is, until white televangelists takes center stage.  You see, they can discuss it.  The question becomes, will they?

Now, this is no slight to black televangelists.  The truth is, they cannot fully discuss the elephant in the room.  If they do, they are accused of whining, complaining, living in the past, displaying a lack of forgiveness (which is unbecoming of a man of the cloth) or, worse of all, race baiting.

But the fact remains that, in order to have this particular “enemy” (the one that has destroyed more lives than any red devil with a pitchfork) addressed, it is up to white televangelists to champion the cause!

As such, I’m calling loudly on white televangelists to publicly, openly and honestly discuss racism and its vestiges with their congregations!

I am calling upon white televangelists to speak the truth and no longer ignore or allow their congregants to merely be Sunday Christians who go on to terrorize their employees, coworkers, neighbors, etc. on Mondays.  No amount of “Hail Mary’s” should exonerate so-called Christians from their obligation to love, honor and respect fellow human beings (as it has done so in the past).

If churches and other religious institutions continue to ignore this elephant in the room, the church will continue to decrease in influence and importance in the ever decaying world we now live in.

I mean, why attend church, synagogue, mosque at all if you experience the same mistreatment there that goes unchecked in secular society?  What’s the point?

Can anybody hear me?