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For some odd reason that I was never 100% clear on, homophobia is defined as a dislike of and/or prejudice toward homosexual people.

I always wondered how that could be, when “homo” simply means human being/man or same (depending on your root language) while “phobia” is indicative of an unnatural fear of or aversion to something.

So, how exactly do these two words, “homo” and “phobia,” when merged together become a dislike of and/or an unnatural fear of homosexuals?

Where’s the fear?   Do people think that homosexuals are stalking around every corner, just waiting to ambush them on the street and shower them in their homosexuality?

Is that a thing?

It would seem to me that someone who is homophobic would have to, by extension, possess an overall fear of or dislike of people, heterosexual and/or heterosexual alike.  After all, since you can’t readily tell who is gay and who isn’t, the supposed homophobic would be living in a state of constant paranoia and worry.

While I readily admit that I am from the school of thought that men should be with women and that women should be with men exclusively, I don’t understand how that fact means that I dislike and/or am afraid of homosexuals?

What a quantum leap!

Just like how I admit my own thoughts on the matter, I readily accept the fact that others disagree with my position on homosexuality and, as such, live their lives to that end.

Likewise, I also readily accept that there are many who are not homosexual, but who approve of and support others in the lifestyle.

What I don’t get is how approval of the lifestyle is just that—approval—while disapproval of the lifestyle is a dislike and/or fear of homosexuals.  Shouldn’t that be classified as homophilia or something similar?

Must I change my personal feelings on homosexuality itself so as not to be labeled a hater of people?

Why am I only free to approve of homosexuality but not free to disapprove of a homosexual lifestyle without being labeled?

On the flipside, is there a label for homosexuals who believe that homosexuality is preferable to heterosexuality?

Would that automatically mean that they hate and/or are unnaturally afraid of heterosexuals?

That would be utterly ridiculous, right?  So, why isn’t it just as ridiculous in the reverse?

And, what about supporters of homosexuals who are heterosexuals?  Is there a label for them?

Be it known that I disapprove of the homosexual lifestyle. However, be it also known that I don’t dislike nor am I afraid of homosexuals.  So why is there a label for me?  And why is that label homophobic?

This is going to sound cliché, but it’s true.  I have met, worked with and have relatives that fall somewhere along the LGBTQ spectrum.  However, I can say with certainty that I have never met a homosexual individual that I was any more afraid of than a heterosexual individual.  Should I be?

Truth be told, I’ve probably met more than a few heterosexuals who have given me pause.  Is there a word for that?

Can anyone hear me?