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Where does the line lie exactly?

Humor me for a moment.

If I walk in front of a speeding bus to demonstrate that I truly believe/am convinced that The Most High God will not let the bus harm me, is that a simultaneous demonstration of strong faith, presumption AND just plain stupidity or just one or two?

Okay, while some are, no doubt, calling it crazy, my guess is, of the listed choices, stupidity is winning in the polls.  Duly noted.

But let’s analyze the scenario for a second.  If He stops the bus from harming me, is that due to my faith or was it perhaps to avoid a hiccup in His own plans for my life?

Is it presumptuous of me to assume that I am, in any way, even remotely integral to any plans He has for His Kingdom or is it strong faith that I believe that I am?

On the flip side, if He doesn’t stop the bus from harming me, is it due to a lack of faith on my part or because it was presumptuous of me to deliberately walk in front of the bus in the first place?  Or was it simply my time to die?

Taking it further, if He doesn’t stop the bus from harming me, is it because I was not integral to His overall plans or because my death in that manner was what was called for to advance the kingdom?  Would it be presumptuous to believe even that?

I know, I know.  This scenario is rather dumb.  But take it other places.  If I apply for this job I think is right for me after praying about it, is that the Spirit moving me or my own voice parroting what I want to hear?  If I go out with this person who just sort of leapt into my path, is that God’s will for me, just coincidence or me leaning into my own wants?  Which part of my decision is faith and which part is me presuming to know God’s plan for me?  And how am I to know the difference?

Now, some people think none of this even matters.  In fact, some don’t even believe in God in the first place.  And others seem to cling to that outdated “old man in the sky” ideology.  The line between faith and presumption (which can also tie into stupidity) may not be important to them, but to those of faith, these questions are the ones we contend with every day.

Sidebar note:  Is this because they don’t have any faith, have too much faith in their own intellect or because they presume that they are correct in their beliefs?

Sidebar to the sidebar note:  I find this to be particularly true with those in higher education!  Somehow, a textbook that changes every year trumps a holy book that doesn’t.

Is it possible to educate yourself (and others) into faithlessness based on the presumption of your correctness?

Should faith ever be based upon your ability to prove to yourself that you could not possibly be incorrect?

Is that contrary to what faith is or is supposed to be?

I’m aware that many others may indeed say none of this really matters but, I think it does!

What if they’re right, you say?  World keeps spinning, sun keeps rising.

But, here’s the thing, what if I am?

Can anybody hear me?