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I don’t know about you but, I hardly watch the News anymore!

I honestly tried to, but I just couldn’t any more. You turn on the TV and a little over two minutes into it, the bad news begins and never really ends.

Story after story of who shot John and where he fell overshadow any stories, no matter how great, of people helping people.

“Infant accidentally shoots self with gun.” “Sibling shoots younger sibling.” “Boy shoots self with pink gun.” “Man robbed at gunpoint.” “Sexual Assaults on the rise.” “Tidal wave washes away entire continent.” Before long, I am tired and depressed!

And the way news is distributed is just as bad as the news itself. Instead of telling one entire story before moving onto another, News is dangled in front of us or given in drips and drabs between countless commercials and “cuts to other live stories” like something out of Pine Valley.

By the time you get the complete story of any one situation, you feel as if you have sat through an episode of All My Children, where the elements of suspense and drama are strategically used to create maximum interest.

Why is News being treated like entertainment? And, while we’re on the subject, why is entertainment newsworthy?

Why do I find out that Jennifer Gardner and Ben Affleck are divorcing on the News? I wasn’t watching Wendy or TMZ! I was watching the Evening News. If I want to keep up with entertainment and celebrity gossip, guess what…I would watch Wendy or TMZ.

News Flash: When people watch the News, they want News! They wanna know what’s happening locally, nationally and internationally! They want weather and traffic updates (Note: Not necessarily every five minutes!!)! They want information regarding the Stock Markets etc., not who Madonna is dating, whether or not Beyonce is pregnant again or if Kim Kardashian’s rear end is real or constructed out of various bits of plywood and silicon.

Can anybody hear me?