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Why is it that, when people borrow money from you, they almost inevitably duck and hide at the very thought of you…and actually get angry when you manage to catch up with them simply because you have the audacity to want your money back?

It usually goes like this:

Act 1: They come to you with a sob story detailing why they need money. Note: They never ask you if it would cause you any discomfort or inconvenience to loan them the money; they just let you know that their situation is dire. Some even go as far as to give a definitive date that they would be able to return any funds borrowed.

And, like all bleeding hearted dopes, you take the bait.

Then, when the time comes for the big payback, you sit quietly and await contact from them.


All is quiet.

They don’t even have the courtesy to reach out to you – if only to let you know that they will not be paying you back yet or maybe ever.

When you finally reach them (after spending only God knows how long showing up in places they frequent, like their job, their home, Church, etc.), they have the unmitigated gall to be irritated and more than a little angry with you!

It’s like they are saying, “How dare you contact me to get your money back? Wait until I contact you (or not depending on what I want to purchase using the monies I promised to return to you) like a civilized sucker!”

Act 2: After you have tracked them down (in a feat that would impress Scotland Yard), you get the next set of sad circumstances that renders them unable to pay you back. Never mind that you loaned them the money based, at least in part, on their promise of repayment on a specified date/time or your own level of need. You simply are not getting your money back…point blank, period.

Now, your own bills, debts and obligations will be affected unless you find a way to borrow from yourself (because, of course, there’s no one around to loan to you). So, you’re out of money and out of time. But you learn from this. You learn to institute a foolproof system of never loaning anybody more than what you can afford to lose. I don’t care if you have $50,000.00 in your bank account and the borrower only needs $3,000.00 and has a great job, only loan them an amount that will not place you in jeopardy.

For me, I have a set amount. If you need $500.00, I will loan you no more than $50.00 to $100.00 at any given time. That way, even if you don’t pay me back, I won’t have to hunt you down, threaten your livelihood or, much more likely, never speak to you again in life.

Even if I never see a penny of recompense, we can still maintain some sort of relationship without the casual jeopardizing of my soul.

Can anybody hear me?