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There comes a time in everyone’s life when they know they need to make a change.

It’s not just your inability to find a suitable television program even though you have a gazillion cable channels.

It’s not just the fact that you pick up your cell phone at least 1,000 times a day, more because it keeps you willfully connected if you wish to be and not because you want to actually talk to people.

It’s not just that you drink and eat on something all day long and therefore cannot tell if you are ever really hungry or not.

It’s not just that you pretend to be listening to conversations that you are supposed to be involved in when really you couldn’t care less about the subject matter (or even the speaker in many cases).

It’s not just that unproductive day that comes along on occasion when you are at work…nor is it the fact that even when you do take off from work, you may as well have gone anyway because you checked email all day and never really relaxed.

It’s not just that you suddenly realized after reading that last sentence that you don’t even know how to relax.

It’s not just that you are single. It’s not just that you are married. It’s not just your children and/or grandchildren.

It’s all of them — everything wound together — converging on you simultaneously!!

Mind you, any one of them can make you scream on a daily basis, but when you put them all together — KABOOM!

This feeling that I am writing about is more than boredom setting in. It’s more than ennui. No. It’s that moment when you know that if you don’t get out, you may freak out!! Every day is a struggle not to do just that! Every day is a struggle just to give a crap!

You try to stay to yourself but, it seems that as soon as you decide to do that, others seek you out…frantically! That’s when they need to see or speak with you — for some reason — in person. They aren’t content with text or email. No, they have to see you face to face.

Now, instead of screaming, you gotta smile. At work, you get paid to smile. At home, you owe it to your loved ones to smile…as much as you can. You smile so much that the tears run even when you have a grin on your face.

You gotta smile because no one person, no one thing is responsible for your emotions other than you. No matter who is doing what to whom, no one has permission to snap on people (much to my eternal frustration).

You and only you decide what kind of moment, day, life you will have. So, here’s what you do: you decide to make it great because you got another day to do so.  Why not make it great…on purpose!   Can anybody hear me?