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Ever wonder why everyone around you seems content with everything in their lives while you are, for the most part, discontent and out of sorts?

Ever sit back and watch as they frolic to and fro? Ever notice how they all interact together in the office, at the mall, on the subway etc., while you sit on the sidelines?

Even if you are roped into participating in some of the conversations, you realize the whole time that you would rather be in a dentist’s chair having a root canal? It’s not just that the conversation is particularly uninteresting; it’s that you just don’t care about any of the so-called hot topics!! Your mind—your heart—is elsewhere!!

So, you smile and chime in with a well-placed, “aha” or “um hmm” as long as you can get away with it without being noticed. Even on the occasion, where you are pretty much busted for not paying attention (your aha should have been an um hmm), you get yourself out of it with charm. You’re good with that! People are drawn to you. Yet, the whole time, you could care less about anything happening around you.

It’s not as if you want to join in the festivities or become a part of the overall social machine. I mean, you like your individuality, yet your very individuality is what’s making you an alien among men—and women too, for that matter.

You marvel at how people meet and greet right there in front of you, yet you haven’t the energy to join in even when you are attracted to someone (every blue moon). So, if they don’t approach you in quite an obvious fashion, the moment is lost. And, you’re even okay with that!!!

So, after much pondering, I have concluded that I am an alien. I guess my mission is to find other aliens? Can anybody . . . any other aliens hear me?