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Recently, I was incensed by the story of the Roach-eating contest winner who choked to death shortly thereafter.  Mind you, it was not the fact that he was eating bugs that caused me to be angry.  In fact, many countries eat bugs on a daily basis as a source of protein.  No.  My anger was due to the idea that a country like the USA, where there are starving citizens on one side and obese citizens on the other, should ever encourage or sponsor any contest where overeating (bugs or otherwise) is the focal point.

In this country, food has become so plentiful and so trivial that people are almost literally killing themselves with forks.  With a different restaurant or fast food establishment on each corner, it is almost impossible to go a few minutes without having the idea of more and more food, pardon the pun, shoved down your throat.

Meanwhile, people who are sick, physically challenged, etc., who fight for life and pray for good health, who would give anything for a strong body get to read of this young, healthy man who had his entire life ahead of him, and yet squandered it away in a contest to see who could consume the greatest amount of something in the shortest amount of time?

Moreover, every time I read about or witness eating contests, or watch while yet another telemarketer cuts and then discards fruit, vegetables and meats in demonstration of their latest invention, I am sickened.

People are hungry!  And, I don’t just mean people living in so-called third world countries.  People right here in the USA are starving.  While some are malnourished and may not even be aware that they are due to conditions like anorexia, others throw food away carelessly, as though it is unimportant.

In an ever growing number of cases, those who are not malnourished have gone so far in their misery, fear, overindulgence or simple love of food that they have become morbidly obese.  Still others are binging and purging every time they eat because they have bulimia and fear obesity.

Let’s face it, food, in one way or another, is a very real problem in this country.  So, with all the other sports and activities at our disposal, I should think we could make better use of our time entertaining ourselves with other things that don’t involve either the wasting or the overeating of food.  Can anybody hear me?