Each of us has a moment in our lives where we demonstrate bravery in the face of a very difficult situation.  Still, there are those other moments that haunt us long after the situation has ended. You know, the ones that make you continue to kick yourself over and over again for not having the courage to deal with a particular situation and/or person when they were blatantly and/or publicly disrespecting you or someone you love.  Years after the fact, you wished you had punched them or, at the very least, leveled them with harsh words.

Instead, you just stood there or, even worse, cried.  Ten, twenty, thirty or more years later, you still have not lived it down.  Even if there is no one around who witnessed or even remembers the incident, you just can’t move forward.  Simply stated, you want a do-over.  You want a chance to do or say all the things you said in your mind two-hours later when you got home.  You want a chance to do or say all the things you told everyone you had already said or done during the encounter but, in reality, had not.

Take comfort.  You are not alone.  Most of us regret our lack of action and/or proper response in one situation or another on any given day.  Try to remember that true courage is not found in treating every battle the same or returning fire even to a well deserved villain.  Sometimes, it comes from being able to move forward even when it is painful to do so.  Let it go.  Move on.  Sometimes, real courage is found by simply walking away.  Can anybody hear me?