Is there a rule in life that you cannot do for others unless they do for you first?  Is there a rule in blogging that you cannot follow someone else’s blog unless they follow yours first?  If so, I didn’t get the memo!  While I’m at it, why is everything so quid pro quo in our society today?  There was a time when you could borrow sugar from a neighbor without the person you borrowed the sugar from needing to borrow sugar from you the following week.  We just paid it forward to the next person in need.

Nowadays, everyone wants to make sure that they get at least what they give.  If anything, they want more!  Everybody wants the hook-up and absolutely no one can be trusted!  I mean, you can’t even trust seniors. They will stiff you as quickly as any youngster only you won’t see it coming from someone who looks like your grandmother.

So, the search continues for good people who aren’t trying to use or abuse you — if there are any left.  Everyone is so mean from being abused/used.  Sadly, that’s the group that feels entitled to be mean because they were mistreated.  The entitled are closely followed by those who use meanness as a safety net to keep from getting hurt again.

Either way, it makes for a cold place to live.

People don’t look out for each other anymore.  It’s getting so bad that you can’t let the mailman in your home for fear he might come back later and rob you.  People want, want, want and don’t seem to care how they get it, even if they have to take it from you in the process. . . .  Can anybody hear me?