”I was born this way.”  This is the latest excuse/permission for individuals from all walks of life to be rude, crude, lazy, and socially unacceptable. In the past, the excuse of the day was “it just happened.”  Either way, people refused to take responsibility for their actions.  When they did something wrong, instead of making strides to change or correct the wrong, they simply made up a reason/illness/disease to explain away their wrongdoing.  Nowadays, everyone has an even more outlandish excuse for why they should be allowed to be anti-social. They simply blame God.

I was born this way. With that, they absolve themselves of any responsibility to grow, change, resolve, restructure, amend, reshape, make restitution etc., for any anti-social behaviors.  I was born this way.  With that, they dispel the need for discipline, restraint, self-control.  I was born this way gives them the right to be — ill-mannered, ugly, etc.

Note, you never hear a “respectable” person touting that they were born this way.  You only hear folk who don’t want to obey rules using this as their mantra.

However, I was born this way gives everyone the right to be anything and everything.  I was born this way excuses all liars, murderers, rapist, thieves, etc. to give in to utter madness and lawlessness.

So, what does that mean?  Should they not be arrested?  Should they not be prosecuted?  Should they not be jailed?  After all, it isn’t their fault….they were born this way.  Can anybody hear me?