Insurgents are merely citizens of a particular country who are being invaded by another country (such as the United States) and who make their dissatisfaction at this invasion known using guns, bombs, rockets, etc.  Oddly enough, guns, bombs, rockets, etc. are the instruments of choice of the invading country as well.  Conversely, members of a country in support of an invasion of another country are known as patriots.  People who are against the invasion of another country are known as traitors.

Thus, the term “insurgent” changes hands depending on your place of residence.  Specifically, patriotism is called insurgency if you live in the country being invaded.  Terrorism, which in this case will be deemed the use of tactics that are meant to inspire fear and terror in opponents and bystanders, must also change with perspective.  After all, launching a missile strike at an “occupied” city can be just as terrifying an act as bursting through someone’s door pointing guns at them without just cause.  In both cases, the innocent did not expect that to happen and thus were terrified.  Of course, that is assuming that you were not one of the users of said terror.  In that case, the methods may be deemed perfectly acceptable and reasonable when attempting to destabilize a government – a government that, in your opinion, has turned a deaf ear on its citizens.

The definitions of terrorist, patriot, insurgent and traitor are fluid, constantly changing depending on the speaker.  They can be thrown around by either side.  In the most extreme cases, they can be thrown around by both sides.  If the words have no concrete definition, then what do they really mean?  Do they mean anything?  Can anybody hear me?