How come white Americans have the freedom to speak publicly about not wanting to be “too white” and, consequently, of the desire to tan or darken their skin, crinkle their hair (curly perms), inject their lips in order to attain fuller lips, increase the size of their buttocks (surgically or otherwise) etc., under the guise of self improvement and health while black Americans, on the flipside, suffer socially if they talk openly about being “too dark,” of straightening their hair (perms), of skin lightening (the opposite of tanning), of wanting smaller buttocks or of wanting thinner lips?

White females are allowed to wear weaves, wigs, hair extensions, fake nails, fake butts and fake breasts while black females receive ridicule for using the same beauty props.  Why is this?

White Americans are given a pass to pick and choose body parts off of other races of people, especially from black Americans, without appearing on Steve Wilkos, Maury or Tyra as haters of themselves and/or of their race.  Isn’t it apparent that they “dislike” their natural white attributes enough to risk skin cancer in order to darken, not to mention enduring other risks factors associated with surgical alterations, etc.? Blacks in this same situation are referred to psychiatrists, psychologists and deemed haters of themselves and their own race.  At the same time, they are seen as lovers of the white race.  So, why aren’t whites who make physical changes that resemble blacks treated similarly?

Why is it acceptable for whites to be displeased with as well as to alter themselves physically while blacks are supposed to celebrate and accept the physical attributes that they are born with?  Did I miss something?  Can anybody hear me?